Monday, April 06, 2009

Notes From Beyond

This is the first Monday I haven't been running out to the shelter in a long time. I'm rather relieved because it's freakin' SNOWING outside. I'm organizing a rescue for tomorrow, so my quiet day is going to be short lived.
The shelter has started to become very busy again, so the vet is coming to euthanize cats 3 times per week, instead of 2 times per week.

Just think - there once was a day I loved Spring. It has a different meaning to me now.

On a happier note, over the past few weeks I've received e-mails from foster parents regarding their foster cats. I thought you might enjoy them too:

"Otherwise, the raccoons (Note from Beth: "Raccoons aka "Foster cats) are doing well.. One day last week when I got home from work, I thought I'd been robbed. But then common sense kicked in and I realized that robbers wouldn't open all my lower kitchen cupboards, dump the garbage on the floor and spread it all over. I guess they've learned how to open the kitchen cupboards."

"I’ve been referring to my newest permanent cat (a 5-month-old pale orange tabby named Casper) as “a little shithead”. Up until now it was a metaphorical term of endearment. But 15 minutes ago he jumped up into my lap for a cuddle. He had shit all over the top of his head. Really. How do they do that? Needless to say he wasn’t happy about getting cleaned up. Wrapping him in a towel only sort of worked. A straitjacket would have been preferable. Do they make those for cats?"

"Hi Beth, I know this sounds gross, but there is something purple hanging out of my cat's butt. Is that normal?"

"Beth, can you get me another foster cat? My kids are fighting over who gets to sleep with Sampson. If we have two, my life will be peaceful again."

"I came home from work to find the cat sucking on my kitchen towel. Is that normal? Wouldn't he get bacteria in his mouth? What if I need to dry my dishes? Do you think I should buy him a baby bottle so he can nurse if he wants to?" (Note from Beth: This cat is 4 years old...

Ahhh.....I love you guys :)


RHz said...

Ha! Thanks for sharing those. They made me laugh. Especially the one about being robbed, and the poor kitty nicknamed, "Shithead." I love it.

Cats are an entirely different species and I just don't understand how people say they don't like them. I'm all for all animals (obviously I foster 'em all!), but cats out shine dogs in quirks and personality all the time.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Some of those emails are awesome! Those have got to brighten up your days!!!