Friday, April 03, 2009

When Will I Learn?

I have my iPod sorted from A-Z, and I can always tell what my day is like in the car by how far I get on the songs on my iPod. For example, from home to the shelter I usually get the the "F" songs. Today, I went from A-Z and then looped again from A-Z. I finally realized I was sick of hearing the same songs and switched to the radio.

It was was POURING all day today and I had a rescue. I loaded up a Mom cat with her 2 babies, a pregnant Mom, an 8 week old kitten, and 2 other adults and headed out in the rain. Of course, the traffic was horrible.

Why is it I'm the only person that drives normally when it rains?

Soooo.....I'm not sure why I bother to talk to the dimwits who are surrendering their pets at the shelter. I wrote about this not too long ago - you'd think I'd learn. I always get pissed off and it takes me a long time to shake the anger.

I was just leaving the shelter with the cats when I see this redneck walking up with his daughter and a very cute, but scared cat in a carrier. (This is the part where I need to learn to shut my mouth)

Me: Aww...(gesturing at the crate) Who is this cutie?

Redneck: We're moving and can't keep him.

Me: Oh shucks (Hmm....did I really say "shucks"?) don't worry about moving with cats! They do beautifully! (sounding chipper and happy) I moved from Southern California with my cats and they adapted just fine!

Redneck: I can't.

Me: Why?

Redneck: Just can't move with him.

Me: You know he'll be killed here, right?

Redneck: Can't help it. Besides, this isn't my decision alone.


Hey Pal...why don't you grow some balls and make a decision for what's right for the cat that you promised to love forever? You amputated his toes, now you're going to dump him? Why don't you set a good example for your daughter on how to treat animals? You're starting another generation of people who don't know about RESPONSIBILITY to their pets!

The reality is....I walked away. I'll go back and rescue his cat next week. He's been neutered and declawed. He looks like a sweet guy. Good thing the cat came in before kitten season came into full swing, or he might not have gotten out of there.

I really hope this guy leaves Ontario thinking that his cat has been killed at the shelter and he's responsible. I hope he stays awake at night thinking about it. But he probably won't.

Instead, I'm the one that drove around all day thinking about HIS cat and will go to bed tonight thinking about HIS cat.

Where the hell is the justice?


Anonymous said...

I hate how inconsiderate some people are - They should never be allowed to have animals or kids.
It's too bad you didn't have room for one more - he could have paid you the $100 surrender fee and it would have been a win win.
Hopefully this jerk won't be able to afford to buy a case of beer this weekend.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: I wish I had thought about taking the $100.00 donation.

Crap...I wish I had thought of that.


rsrowe said...

I truly believe that what comes around, goes around. I have seen it many times. It may not be immediate but it will happen. In the meantime, keep your chin up and keep doing what you are means the world to those furry faces and to those of us who bring them into our homes and hearts.

whitesocks said...

Have to tell you (and anyone else who might think of dumping cats while moving)...I brought my 11 year old semi-feral cat all the way from India to the US when I came here to study a decade ago...AND would take her back and forth with me when I went home for the summer! It really is NOT that difficult to keep your pet with with you if you're committed to it, just like you would do for any other member of your family. It was the best thing I ever did. She developed cancer some years after that, but at least I could give her every comfort and unlimited love for all the years she lived, including when she was sick. I cannot imagine how people leave pets behind. How selfish can you get!