Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Days, Mondays, and Depends Undergarments

What is it about rainy days and Mondays? I really hate the Carpenters for writing that damn song. It's like a jinx or something.

I was happy to go out to the shelter today to do a small rescue. I had heard there was a Mom cat with her ELEVEN kittens. It was like "Freak day" at the shelter! Many of these little guys were born without eyes! They had empty sockets. Bless their little hearts - they didn't know they were blind - they were snuggling and partying like normal kittens:

Finding a foster home to take a Mom with eleven kittens is generally impossible. I was permitted to take 5 of the kittens and leave Mom with 6. Still a huge litter, eh? Call me weird, but I really like the freaky cats. :)

I also rescued a ridiculously cute 12 week old black kitten named "Henry" for a new foster Mom:

She seemed to be thrilled with him and he's safe and warm in her apartment along with her cat named Silas. I love rescuing black cats. :)

It rained the entire day today, so traffic was a nightmare. I was on the road for 5 hours, which would usually take me about 3 hours to do the same shelter run. I knew I had to pee after my last drop off at the vets, but I figured I'd be able to make it home - no problemo. 47 year old bladder did not appreciate the delay. Along with the rain dripping on my windshield and dead stop traffic, I was eyeing my empty Tim Horton's coffee cup with great appreciation. Rather than consider the risk of a traffic accident with my pants down - not to mention that I am NOT a man that can pee in a cup, I called my friend Kathleen and asked her to help me get my mind off my uncomfortable situation. Of course, all she did was tell me funny stories. Damn her!

As the"rainy days and Mondays" would have it, I get a phone call from our real estate agent this afternoon who wants to show my house in 2 hours. I had to come home and get the cats out, put away water dishes, litterboxes, food bowls, and load up the car again with 3 of the cats and the dog to drive around in the rain for an hour.

This time, I used the washroom before I left.


RHz said...

Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head. Really, it's going to be there all day. Damn you! ;-P

Glad to hear yesterday was a great rescue day... and my heart goes out to those poor kittens. How on earth did so many wind up without eyes? That's something new and different I've never heard of before.

rsrowe said...

I am sure the blind kitties will be OK as my elderly cat went blind and was still able to navigate around the house even when I moved things.

It still amazes me that people are superstitious about black cats. It never occurred that Molle was all black until someone pointed it out to me when I got home. She was just a kitty that needed a home.

Anonymous said...

If the cat is black, why are the hairball/dustbunnies beige? LOL!

Steve Bartlett said...

I've never heard of 11 kittens in one litter before -- that's amazing. I also had a cat years ago that went blind from FLV; until she died a few years later of complications she did manage quite well around the apartment. As long as I didn't move any furniture that she'd been used to jumping up on :)

Anonymous said...

What happened to the mom and the other kittens? I'm sure you didn't leave them to die.