Sunday, April 19, 2009

Preaching to the Choir

We survived a weekend of "Potential Buyer Infestation". As you can see by the picture to the left, my foster cat Dimitri seems pretty relaxed about it. Ahhh...kittens!

I'm thrilled to announce that nobody is scheduled to view the house tomorrow and I can have a seemingly normal Monday of going to the shelter to do a small rescue.

As usual, a bunch of pinheads came into the shelter over the weekend and dumped their cats there, so the shelter is VERY full and Monday will be a big euthanasia day. Kim is asking for help with Moms and babies.
I wish people knew that when their cat has 5 kittens, that means 5 of MY kittens die in the shelter. Nobody seems to understand that. Think of it this way: Even if you find homes for your kittens, they take the place of kittens that could be rescued from the shelter. People are adopting YOUR kittens (that should've never been conceived in the first place!!

I suppose I'm preaching to the choir. People who read this blog already know to spay and neuter their cats.


RHz said...

Unfortunately, most people are very unaware about cats and everything animal rescue related. I get so irked at all the "free" kitten ads I keep seeing, especially coming up on kitten season this time of year. Sigh.

Anyway, lots of luck and wishes for sanity to you during your "moving" process. I am not looking forward to that when the time comes!

Anonymous said...

It is sad. People are cheap or have any excuse to not "fix" their cat. I had one guy once tell me that he felt it was cruel to "play God" and take the opportunity to breed away from cats and I wanted to scream!!!!

Mr. Dimitri is looking very pensive and adorable, by the way!

Anonymous said...

"Pinheads" that is a much nicer name that I would have used!
I am new to reading this blog and totally love it!! It is amazing how many "pinheads" there are and they seem to flow from the woodwork freely every day (or are we the ones in the woodwork? I am beginning to wonder!)