Friday, February 20, 2009


Today is a rescue day and a euthanasia day. Talk about "bittersweet"! I've been so busy lately with rescue that I haven't had time to write anything here. I don't even know where to begin!

I have another new foster guy named "Buckley".

I'm guessing I'll only have him a short while. He's 5 months old of Maine Coon sweetness! He flops around like ragdoll. I love him. ;)
There was no doubt in my mind when I first saw Buckley that he was very adoptable and coming home with me.

But what about the cats that aren't so pretty?

This is Rocco. He's a beat up old Tom cat that was probably taken to the shelter because he was spraying all over somebody's house. His head is so big from testosterone that he can hardly open his eyes. It's really cute, because this gigantic macho cat has a baby meow. I laughed out loud when I first heard this tiny little voice coming from this HUGE cat!

It's hard to believe, but an amazing couple has stepped forward to rescue and foster Rocco. I still can't believe it. They want Rocco to have a chance in life - a chance that nobody else would give him.

Don't they ALL deserve a chance?? Who am I to say that Buckley is more worthy of a wonderful life than Rocco?

There will be a zillion phone calls from people wanting to rescue Cupid the Himalayan:

But what about this guy that the shelter named "Boon"?
Doesn't Boon deserve a chance at a beautiful life? There are so many at the shelter like Boon - dirty, unneutered and unloved.

I'm glad we're rescuing Rocco today. The couple that stepped up to the plate are BEYOND excited about helping this big, stinky guy. I'm going to have fun watching Rocco blossom in their care. These people don't care that Rocco has had a rough life - they're looking forward to his new life.

Bless their hearts.


RHz said...

I would adopt Rocco or Boon before I'd even look at Cupid, but that's because I have a soft spot for ugly kitties that no one wants, and I have an addiction to black cats and torbies.

But in truth, they ALL deserve a chance.

whitesocks said...

Bless their hearts, bless yours ...and RHz's too :) for having a soft spot for the uggleses that nobody wants.

I'm in the midst of an insane and stressful time writing a dissertation, and have to tell you that I turn to your blog for heartwarming stories and a smile :). In this crazy world with all its violence its so good to read about, well, a world where individual lives *matter* and someone cares enough to do something about them.

I have three wonderful kitties I'd rescued from a rough neighborhood I lived in blackie who'd been discarded in a box, and two others.
Will get back to rescue/fostering once this diss. is done!

Meanwhile, thank you.