Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Faces

I don't know why I was stressing Sunday night about the rescue yesterday. It had been a while since I coordinated a rescue with more than just a few cats. I think it was stressful because ALL of the foster parents were loving, wonderful folks that had never fostered before. They were anticipating their new houseguest, purchased supplies and were ready to provide copious amounts of love.

They weren't disappointed.

Brutus is a big, sweet lug of a tom cat. He's safe and at the vets now being neutered. I get to take him to his new foster home today. They're going to love him! Look in his eyes - I bet Brutus has some stories to tell. (Probably lots of porn)
Meisha was rescued and taken to her new foster home yesterday too! She's such a little lady - hard to believe somebody loved her at some point in her life. But she was already spayed and declawed. Since I didn't do the delivery, I called the new foster Mom last night to see how she's doing. She tells me, "She's asleep sprawled out on the couch - it's like she's lived here forever." Bless her little heart. :)
Scarlett came into the shelter with a HUGE gash in the back of her leg. (Thus the cone on her head) If Scarlett had come into the shelter in the summer, they probably would've euthanized her because of overcrowding. Fortunately, they treated this sweet redhead and she's now safe and at the vets being spayed. She goes to her new foster home today! Yay!

I rescued and drove a sweet little black and white Jeorgia into Toronto yesterday and her new foster parents were so excited to see her. (Lordie, I love playing "Stork"!) At the shelter, I had waffled about which cat to give this couple. They have a busy JRT/Beagle mix and I wanted to be sure it was a good fit. Oddly enough, when I called them on my way back from the shelter to tell them that I had rescued "Jeorgia", they gasped and said, "Our dog's name is Georgia too!"
As many of you know - I don't believe in coincidence. :)

I rescued 2 more but don't have their picture -A sweet older grey girl and a big fluffy orange tom cat. It was a good day and I couldn't have pulled it off without the help I received from Kathleen. It was so nice to share the glory of the day with somebody like Kathleen.

I'm doing some more cat-deliveries to excited foster parents today, then back to the shelter tomorrow. I'm watching the kilometers on my car scrolling by and my gas tank depleting and I could care less. Introducing these 6 new families to fostering has been such a gift for me.

It never ceases to amaze me how one little discarded cat can make so many people feel happy.


RHz said...

A person can not truly know happiness unless they've got cat hair on their clothes and pawprints on their hearts. ;-)

House of the Discarded said...

Amen to that, RHz!!

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure, thanks for letting me be part of it