Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good News/Bad News Rescue Day

It was one of those "Good news/Bad news" rescue days. We managed to get quite a few wonderful, sweet cats out of the shelter today. We had a list to insure we wouldn't forget a single soul. It's sad to think that 16 cats were euthanized this morning before we arrived. It was even sadder to realize that one of the cats on our list for rescue was on the wrong list - and sadly died because no one wanted her.

We wanted her. We just didn't speak up fast enough. That hurts a lot.

I rescued a very cute little black cat named Annalie. Most of the time, when I open a cage to take a cat out, they're usually pretty receptive. Not Annalie. Annalie hunkered in her cage in fear. When I shut the cage door, she moved forward and rubbed against the bars. Suddenly it occurred to me what she had witnessed just a few hours ago. How was she supposed to know I wasn't the veterianian employed to end her life?

When I brought Annalie to her delighted foster Mom, I was prepared for the possibility that Annalie might be too frightened to enjoy the welcoming party. Not so! Annalie bounded out of the crate as if to say, "Nice digs!" and was immediately at home. She climbed into her foster Mom's lap for a moment and gave her "the glance" - you know "the glance" - the one where the cat looks up at you adoringly for a moment of gratitude. Ahhh...I love rescuing black cats.

I rescued a very cute little guy that caught my eye at the shelter. I hadn't really thought about fostering someone for myself, because Truman is still sneezing a little. But I couldn't leave this guy behind: This is "Steve"! Don't e-mail me and say, "Beth! We knew you had a thing for tabbies!" It's TRUE.. I love tabbies..but I love all cats, and if this guy had been orange, black or purple, I would've still rescued him! He was climbing his cage bars and meowing so pitifully. I just couldn't walk away from him.

I feel a little selfish, because I had to drop another cat off at the vets for neuter, and I dropped off Steve for his little "snipper" at the same time. At least it's done and he's now home with me. I can hear him meowing upstairs and the gang is poised outside the door listening to him.
Welcome to my house Steve!! We'll find you a wonderful home where you're loved, respected, adored and cared for the rest of your life. You'll never be a discarded cat again.


whitesocks said...

Sorry about the kitty: I'm sad to hear that too. But my gosh, you did save the little black one and the tabby and so many others. Hugs to you...don't dwell on the one you lost too much.

House of the Discarded said...

Thank you, Whitesocks! Of course, you're right. :) Thank you for the encouraging words.


Steve Bartlett said...

Steve is cute. Of course. Being named after me, how could he be anything else :).

I'm still dealing with two sick cats so I haven't been able to take in any more (no more vacant rooms), but hopefully they'll be better in a few more days.

I still say Truman will be staying :)

RHz said...

Sorry to hear about the little kitty, but you whitesocks is right. You did save the others, and they're grateful to you, just like all of us are for doing what you do.

Lisa said...

I'm slowly learning that I can't think about the ones that have lost but instead I focus on the ones that have won.
The losses make you feel too powerless and hopeless. Just remember the immense difference you are making, all all the cats who are now sleeping in comfy warm homes filled with love.

Anonymous said...

I agree with lisa. Beth you do so much!! Never forget that! Every time you come in and save more, it puts a smile to mine and kimmys face. We are so thankful for what you do!