Friday, February 06, 2009


I love this time of year. Not because the weather is nice, but because adoptions are booming and folks seem inclined to want to adopt or foster. Problems seem like good problems for this very short period of time. We actually had two people wanting to rescue the same cat! Boooya! Unfortunately, there are many, many more at the shelter that need help, so it was merely a coincidence. But even with a GOOD coincidence - I'll take it!

I wish my house would support a female foster cat. My alpha boy "Wilbur" just will not stand for a female in the house - damn him. I fell in love with a butterball cat named "Ponderosa" at the shelter when I was there yesterday.

Now who couldn't fall in love with that face? She's 20 lbs of sweetness - spayed and declawed. She's too big to fit in the regular cat cages, so she's stuck in one of the dog kennels. Ponderosa was brought into the shelter as a stray - which we all know is bullshit. People often don't want to pay the surrender fee and just say "I found a cat." Kim let Ponderosa out of her kennel yesterday and you should've seen her strut her stuff! This rolly-polly girl was QUICK! She was so happy to be out and loved it when I picked her up. I must've kissed her a hundred times. I hope somebody comes forward for her.

The next "euthanasia day" is Tuesday next week. I'm anxious to get a few more cats out on Monday. I'm so grateful for the extra help I've been receiving, and have really been blessed to have met some amazing people who have stepped up to the plate and have said, "How can I help the cats?"

Keep my phone ringing and I'll keep my gas tank full.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for people like you! How do you carry on after leaving this shelter knowing the fate of most of these unfortunate souls. I know I would have great difficulty and would find it very disturbing. The last time I was at the Toronto Humane Society, I entered a new room they have for all the cats with FIV and other special needs such as diabetes, heart mumurs,etc. I made my way in and started going from cage to cage looking at the write up on the clipboards and I was in that room for over an hour and not a soul had come in to view these cats. They were all so beautiful, but had a look on their face as if they knew that they were undesirable, needless to say I had to stop looking and went into the corner and just balled my eyes out. It was a busy Sunday afternoon and the shelter was full of potential adopters, but they all wanted a perfect animal and nothing less. I could not continue looking so I proceeded home and when I opened my door, there they were, all four of them, happy to have me home, not knowing of course where I had just come from. I was so happy to see them too and couldn't hug them enough remembering that they too were once victims of being unwanted and abandonned.

I really want to thank and give praise to you and all the volunteers that make it their life's work to rescue, comfort, help heal and find new homes for all these unwanted cats.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

House of the Discarded said...

Thank YOU, know where to reach me if you'd like to foster somebody that needs you :)


Anonymous said...

I love ponderosa! I call her my lil chub chub. Her time will come, she will get a nice loving home!