Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bad Boy Truman!

A very nice couple came out today to meet my little "Truman" with hope of adopting him. I go to great lengths to insure that my home and foster cats are "adopter ready" when people arrive. I usually play with the kittens before adopters arrive until they are worn out into a pile of mushy sweetness. My house smells like lavender, the litterboxes are clean and the adoption agreements, and health records are out and ready on the counter.

Sound good, right?

Despite my best efforts things don't always go as planned. David and I had been at the grocery store and were expecting the couple at 3 pm. We had just gotten home at 2:30 and the phone was ringing.

"We're that ok?"

"Of course, it's ok!" as I'm running for the Febreeze and pooper scooper. They arrived 3 minutes later.

Truman was looking like a little angel and sprawled out on my kitchen counter when they arrived. (Where else would he be?) Unfortunately, I didn't have time to wear the little booger out before they got to the house. Truman was a mega BAD BOY! They lovingly started to pet him and he quickly wrapped his legs around their arms and started gnawing on their hands like a chicken bone. His tail was swishing and he was kicking with all of his might with his hind legs. He looked like he was growing horns on top of his head. I was beginning to feel panicked.

The whole time this is happening, I'm making sweet, soothing sounds and saying, "Oh my! Bad boy, Truman! Be sweet Truman! He's NEVER like this...." yada yada yada. I don't think they were buying it.

Ike however, climbed into her arms and snuggled happily. She loved him. Then he sneezed bloody snot all over her face and neck. Great. Just Great. Nothing wrecks the mood than having to bring out a wet washcloth for a potential adopter to wash blood from their neck. I had to whip out Neosporin and Band-Aids for Truman's little "love bites".

Just like with children, these things can be unpredictable. The couple left without any cats but were extremely gracious and kind. They must've known I was embarrassed.

Truman and I need to have a little talk about next time.... :)


Anonymous said...

Thank GOODNESS I'm not the only one who has these experiences. I nearly pee'd my pants from laughter with images of Truman and the "chicken bone" moment..........

For all their naughty moments, I'm still convinced that cats/kittens can turn this on like a switch because THEY know whose right for them and whose wrong - besides, shouldn't they have some say on who they end up having to live with!

Anonymous said...

I loved the bit about the bloody snot! The first time I saw this I nearly dialed 911. I always ask people to call as soon as they are off the highway with the excuse that I have to put the dogs in another room. Mainly it's so I can coat the perimeter of the door with Lysol in a hopeless attempt to mask the smell of cat spray. Nice work boys!

Anonymous said...

Those little buggers! I, too, am so glad to hear I'm not the only one who has had those experiences. THANK GOODNESS!! Better luck next time. Bad boy, Truman!

RHz said...

Truman was just making it a point to let you know he's not ready to leave you yet. ;-)

Anonymous said...

They left Truman behind because of the playful nature? Honestly, people like that make me angry. If you expect a cat to sit in a corner 24/7 and never do the things that cats naturally do.. then maybe you should get a hamster.

Steve Bartlett said...

I agree with RHz; Truman obviously intends to stay. I think you should accept that :). Casper was at the pub with me last night and he has new girlfriends. Amazing what cheese and sour cream do to a kitten :)

Steve Bartlett said...

One other thing: while I desperately try to make sure the house is tidy, I don't go overboard. People who don't like cat pee smell shouldn't have one. Also, I don't try and tire out a cat or kitten: what they see is what they'll get :)