Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"JFK" came to me when I was in my American Presidential Inauguration mode of thinking. I named 3 cats to honour presidents: "Truman", "Ike" and "JFK".

JFK definitely doesn't look like Truman or Ike. He's really different looking and my teenage sons have decided to bug me and call him "JFGay". Anybody that reads my blog knows that my kids love our foster cats. I think they were thrilled that I reacted the way I did when they called him "JFGay" as I playfully chased my big sons through the house. The next kid that calls my sweet little long-faced tabby guy "JFGay" is really going to get it!!


He's a VERY sweet boy and I'm hoping and praying I can get him adopted with either Truman or Ike. He's very gentle and loves to snuggle with me.

I don't know what it is about JFK, but my sons have decided that he isn't as cute as Ike and Truman and they think it's funny to not include him on things! Even Ike and Truman seem to be leaving him out too! *Sob*

Here's my oldest son with Ike and Truman. They're all snuggling and watching t.v. while my little sweet JFK is probably feeling left out somewhere!

I have no idea why I'm posting this in my blog tonight. Ike is going to the vets to be neutered tomorrow. Maybe JFK and Truman can bond a little.

Tomorrow is also a rescue day! Lots of wonderful new foster homes have stepped forward to help and take in a cat in need.

Maybe I need to find a buddy for JFGa...err...JFK.


RHz said...

I have a house full of teenage boys, too. The names they call my herd of fur monkeys is ridiculous, but I've learned to ignore it because they're kids, and they love every animal that makes their way into our home.

I'm taking it that you have a thing for tabby guys, since you're up to three? JFK is cutie, too.

And, thank you for your smelly food tips. Zeg's eating a little bit on his own, so I don't have to wear so much cat food!

Lisa said...

What is it with guys and names? I fostered a beautiful black tabby last year and named him Salem. My husband called him Stinky. Go figure.
I think JFK is a lovely fellow and I hope you find a great home for him...maybe in a white house...