Monday, February 02, 2009

A Tabby Infestation

I don't know what I was thinking. Usually, I act pretty tough when I go to the shelter. But something happened to me today between rescuing a little-old-lady cat and helping a sweet ol' Tom cat go home with his new family that must've made me put down the wall.

This is "JFK". He's the latest Turner foster and a 6 month old hellion. I now have THREE adolescent males and it's wild in here. (Thank God they're all going to be neutered tomorrow. )I took JFK out of his cage at the shelter and was just going to let him run around a little bit, but he wouldn't leave my side. He would rather be with me than exercise. I couldn't leave him there. I just couldn't.

Because he's the FIFTH tabby in the house right now, I'm figuring David won't even notice a new guy. I was right. JFK jumped up on the kitchen table during dinner and David called him "Truman".

I think even Ozzy is confused about this guy:'s not that I have a "thing" for tabbies. I love ALL cats. It's just that this guy happened to be a tabby and he was SOOOOO sweet. *sigh* JFK has an exotic look. Ok. He's a bit ooogly. (aka: "ugly") His face is a little too long and his ears are a little too big.

Don't send me any hate e-mail. I said that about my kids when they first arrived too.


Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous! Just say he's evocative of Abyssinian ancestry... See? Now he's glamorous!

House of the Discarded said...

YES! Abyssinian X works for me!

Steve Bartlett said...

He's a sweetheart, and looks just like my Darwin. There is no such thing as an "ugly" tabby.

RHz said...

Aw, he's handsome.
I wonder if I added another black cat to my household, would my husband notice? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! Ok, I have to try the "get all fosters who look identical trick!!" I'm going to load up on black ones :)