Thursday, February 12, 2009

Visual Testimony

It's been a busy week and an exciting one at that! I've had some frustrating moments but all in all we've managed to have some wonderful moments in rescue. It's nice to get back to busy days, but I'm missing the time to myself too.

I thought this would be a good time to post some before and after pictures from today:
This is Abbi. I don't know why she was dumped at the shelter. But she's a VERY sweet girl and I rescued her today. Thank you Samantha for saving her life!

This is Abby at "Chez Turner". (Aka: The Guest bathroom) She looks a little cranky in this picture, but let me tell you she wasn't! I think she has a relieved look on her face.

Isn't this a sad little face? This is Rosie. She was supposed to go to a foster home today, but the lady that offered reneged at the last second. In fact - she changed her mind within minutes of me arriving at her door. I wish people would understand what we go through to find loving foster homes for each cat.

Needless to say, Rosie is in my guest washroom (shackin' with Abbi). Doesn't she have a sweet face? This was taken just a few minutes after rescue. I can't keep another foster cat, so I'm hoping and praying somebody comes forward to help me. HELP!Tiny Agatha was only 5 lbs when she arrived at the shelter. The staff thought she might have a brain trauma and have limited vision. A wonderful young woman stepped up to the plate and adopted Agatha directly from the shelter! She sent me the following picture of Agatha just a few hours after Agatha arrived in her new home:

I promise! This is the same little Agatha!

I wish people knew the impact they made on their pets when they abandoned them at the shelter. I've seen sad poems and horrific videos - but I think the biggest testimony to this fact is "The Before and After Picture".

Look what love can do! Thank you so much for the wonderful new foster homes that stepped forward, opened their homes and hearts and saved the lives of these wonderful cats today.


RHz said...

All your rescues are just so adorable this week... I can hear their purrs all the way in NJ! lol.

Too bad I'm not close to Canada. I'd foster for you. ;-)

Stef said...

Agatha has taken over the upstairs and my other 2 divas the downstairs... Though she's still quite timid her personality is just shining through... You'd barely recognize her now and her would get a giggle at the fact that she has decided that she must be on the bed for you to pet her... She runs there immediately when you come upstairs for you to cuddle with :)

Anonymous said...

I think I was supposed to foster rosie -

I don't remember you being anywhere near my home.

But I remember discovering mites in my cats (2) ears and not being able to handle a third. (fourth including my ferret)

i'm happy she is safe and i do apologize.