Sunday, December 28, 2008

Calming the Savage Beast of Puberty

I was scheduled to meet a family at the shelter today who wanted to adopt a cat from Death Row. Because the shelter has no formal adoption program, the only way these cats get out is when they are claimed by their owner, euthanized or rescued. As I've said before, meeting people at the shelter is a great privilege for me. They seem to trust my judgment in helping them choose a new family member. I don't charge an adoption fee, but ask for a donation to the rescue.

There was a little guy at the shelter named "Baylee". He was only about 16 weeks and has some unfortunate markings, blesshislittleheart. Seriously, he's really a homely little kitten - but incredibly sweet.

When the family arrived, they brought their 13 year old son. He was a typical surley teenager wearing a toque and saying very little. I was irritated just looking at him - probably because I have a teenage son who has that "crappy look". I wanted to scream, "Get that crappy look off your face NOW!"...but once again, I digresss...

I took Baylee out of his cage and put him in the arms of this kid. Baylee started purring and flopped over so the kid was cradling him like a baby...and right on cue....Baylee reached up and put a paw gently on this kids cheek.

The "awwwwwwwwwwww's" filled the room. "Homely Baylee" had a forever home. :)

Later that afternoon, I couldn't stand the suspense and called the family a few hours after I got home. The kid answered the phone. I cautiously asked him how things were going with their new kitten. I didn't really expect a decent response. It's like the flood gates opened....holy crap...this kid, that didn't say ONE WORD at the shelter started with a flurry of excitement. His words ran together as I attempted to carefully listen:

"We named him Bob! His litterbox is in my room. We went to WalMart and I spent ALL the money I earned over summer and bought him a ton of toys. He's laying on my bed playing with them right now. He's the SMARTEST CAT I'VE EVER SEEN! I think he even knows tricks already..."

My eyes filled with tears. He spent all of the money he earned on cat toys. I loved this kid. The homely kitten and the awkward teenage boy were meant for each other.

No doubt they would BOTH blossom into something special.


RHz said...

I have a house full of teenage boys, too, and I hate their attitudes and everything teenage about them. It amazes me when they're so kind and willing for the rescues that come in and out of our lives though.

Lots of yays. That's one lucky cat–and kid.

Debbie said...

AAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!! Its amazing what a kitten(cat) can do to the toughest of them :)

Anonymous said...

After all these years in rescue I still cry when I read about a "love connection" like this. Thanks for getting Baylee out of that place and in to a home of his own.

Steve Bartlett said...

It's probably the most misquoted (and misattributed, usually to Shakespeare) phrases in the English language. But betting on it wins pints at pubs.

And just because teenage boys may BEHAVE like sociopathic louts, doesn't mean that they aren't sociopathic louts :)

Gerard said...

This is Gerard and it is my son Adam and We decided to keep the name Baylee for this cute kitten. He is absolutely awesome he has fit right in with the family and dog. We all love him very much. He has a shower every morning with me it is the funniest thing you ever saw. He comes running in attacks the water then lays down then gets out and lays on the mat,then cleans himself.
I will post pics of him on facebook
Beth. He goes to be Neutered in two weeks.