Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday's Rescues!

I need to start keeping track of the cats I rescue from the shelter. I didn't do it with my last rescue org. and I've always been sorry. I know one foster Mom who diligently keeps a scrapbook of all of her foster cats. This blog will be a helpful reminder too.

I rescued a VERY cute guy named "Calvin" yesterday. His new family had contacted the shelter and wanted to adopt him "sight unseen". He was a sweetheart!

This family drove all the way from Gravenhurst up north (2+ hours?) just to pick him up at my house. They weren't disappointed. Calvin rubbed up against her face and purred. What a gem of a boy! They already had a 13 year old cat and were very happy to adopt an older gent like Calvin. Bless their little hearts. I wish you well, sweet Calvin. You were one of the fortunate ones. Your new Mommy seems VERY nice.

Of course, I couldn't go to the shelter without rescuing a little guy for myself. Besides, Meatball needed a friend while he was sick in my guestroom. This is "Dexter". His name at the shelter was Randy and I couldn't figure out why it didn't suit him. I'm still not sure if "Dexter" fits either.

Yes, he's as pitiful looking in real life as he is in this picture. Poor little guy was really sick, so he and "Meatie" are hangin' with the homies in the guestroom. Dex is a sweetheart - about 8 weeks old. He came into the shelter after somebody had shaved him. Why they did it, I don't know. He's REALLY emaciated. It's like holding a tiny skeleton. He looked SO happy to see some toys! He has earmites which kind of make me gag. Don't ask me why - but anything that has microscopic bugs makes me puke. Tomorrow Dex goes to the vets!

It's been a busy weekend with cat transporting and phone calls. It felt good to get my hands "dirty" a little bit. Tonight I'm nursing a nasty cold, so am not feeling very poetic with regards to writing. Why do I always get sick around the holidays?

I wish I could give my little guys in the guestroom upstairs some chicken soup.

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