Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Daughter, A Boyfriend and Meatball

My baby is arriving from Southern California today. She's not really a "baby". She's 24, a Registered Nurse and a lovely, independent young woman. Like the rest of my crew, I think she's coming in for a "kitty fix". She sounds more excited to see "The Redheads" than she is me! hahaa!

I always thought Katy would become a veterinarian. She's certainly bright and compassionate enough. But when the time came to decide she couldn't see herself "hurting" an animal. Even if it was for the animal's benefit. Yah. I get that. So no veterinarian in the family - yet.

Katy's new boyfriend is allergic to cats. Despite my lectures throughout her teenage years, "Never date anyone that you wouldn't want to eventually marry", she's latched on to a very nice guy that unfortunately is HIGHLY allergic to cats. Damn. I can only wait this relationship out and pray that he either gets on the Benadryl-bandwagon or they break up. I can't imagine Katy without a cat in her life.

The boyfriend loves animals and has the cutest little dog named "Meatball". God, I love that name. I'm going to name the next foster cat "Meatball". Katy sent me a picture of herself with Meatball. I'm in love.

I realize it's totally lame to post a picture of somebody else's dog in my cat rescue blog. But you have to admit, that is one cute dog, right?

Katy called me on the way to the airport this morning and asked which of the kitties would be sleeping with her tonight.

Like mother - like daughter. :)


RHz said...

I always told my husband he'll go before the cats will. LOL.

And of course Meatball is cute. He's a French Bulldog, and all Frenchies are cute and adorable. (I have one, if you couldn't tell, lol.)

House of the Discarded said... first husband DID go before the cats! LOL :)