Monday, December 01, 2008

What's in a Kiss?

I love kissing my cats. Cats don't care if you have bad breath or smudged mascara. I might be fooling myself, but I really think my cats like to be kissed. It's part of who I am with my cats. I kiss 'em when I pick them up. I kiss 'em before I put them back down.

I find it amusing when a new foster cat gets kissed the first time. They always look really confused but they come back for more. Even my 17 year old son gets into smoochin' the foster cats: (I hope he isn't ticked at me for posting these pictures of him kissing the kittens. If guys only knew what a turn-on it is for girls to see a guy so vulnerable as kissing a kitten! Swoon!)

We want our foster cats to know that they're part of the family for however long they're with us. They get kissed just like the rest of the gang, so they might as well grin and bear it:

Let the torture begin! (Don't you wonder what they REALLY think?)

I've been "caught in the act" by people who aren't animal-people. They look at me with such disgust. Seriously. If they knew how much joy a pet can give you....*sigh*...

But I'm preaching to the choir, right?

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RHz said...

I love kissing my cats (and Frenchie), too! They always get one on the top of their heads, or right on their noses. There is nothing like a snuggly kitty to give your kisses to.