Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Different Kind of Frustration :)

Today has been a frustrating day and it's only noon. I found out that my car needs snow tires and the dealership kindly offered me a "Snow Package" at a "discounted rate of $4000.00" Holy shit. Really? $4000.00 for snow tires? Being a Southern California girl, I've never purchased snow tires, so this is a new revelation for me.

Right now, I'm glad I don't have anywhere to go today. The kittens are frolicking upstairs. I can hear periodic galloping coming from the guest room. I'm glad they're buddies. They're both still really congested, but have huge energy levels.

My CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) cat Bob, seems to be hanging in there. I haven't said much about Bob in past posts, because it really hurts too much to know that I'm going to lose him soon. His kidney's are more than 70% gone and it's a matter of time. Oddly enough, he's become more playful, vocal and mischievious after his diagnosis. With this condition, comes copious amounts of urine right next to the litterbox. Lovely. Every day I have to pick up the litterbox and clean it as the urine suctions the pee underneath.

Ahhh...I should've called this blog "The Blog of Too Much Information".

It's kind of nice to see fresh snow in the ground, have a fire in the fireplace, Christmas music playing while I skip around the house cleaning cat pee off the baseboards. I wonder if June Cleaver had this problem? Ozzy. You're chappin' my hide this morning. This is a picture of Ozzy this morning - I had put up a really cute little Christmas-tree-like-thingy in my foyer and Ozzy was really INTO sniffing it. I'm on "pee alert" now. *sigh*

We're suppose to have a new HD t.v. delivered this morning, and now the delivery guy is an hour late. (David and I aren't exchanging presents this year - we decided to get a new HD t.v. for our bedroom instead.) What the hell is the point of having a 4 hour window of time for delivery if you're STILL going to be LATE? *ARGH*!!!

I've been calling David every 30 minutes or so with periodic "Frustration Updates". Might as well drag him into my lousy day. Isn't this what a loving marriage is about? (*smirk*)

I've looked back at my "Days of Frustration" past and this one isn't nearly as bad as the old days. No kittens have died. No foster homes are asking me to move their foster cats. No adopters are calling to complain. I'm feeling slightly better about my choice to merely foster for now.

Here's a random picture of cuteness of Phoebe (dilute calico) and Bob that I took this morning. Cats are amazing - I bought this really neat bed for them, but nobody would use it until I put it in a cardboard box!!

I can't think of a better way to spend a day with snow on the ground than playing with kittens? (after I clean the cat pee, pay for snow tires, wait for the delivery guy and finish the laundry)


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth. I don't know what your previous experience with CRF is, but many vets are not up to speed with managing this condition or newer protocols. There's an excellent CRF Yahoo group --


is a wealth of factual information with links to published papers on the subject by vets and researchers. I have had three CRF cats since 2005 -- and the hardest thing was finding good vet that understood this condition thoroughly. Best wishes with Bob -- and thank you for all that you've done with cat rescue !

House of the Discarded said...

What WONDERFUL links! I love yahoo groups for this kind of thing. I wish I had thought of it. Thank you so much for the information! :)

Steve Bartlett said...

Whoever is charging you $4000 for snow tires must know you're from Souther California. Here in Hamilton, we just know a guy who knows a guy who has some that fell off a truck ...

RHz said...

Hmmm. $4000 for snow tires does sound pretty steep. Have you tried calling around? Or going to a "U-pull-it" place where you actually take used but in totally awesome shape stuff off of junked cars?

I'm sorry to hear about your CRF cat. ;-(

And, I also have a cat that pees on everything. His bff (my beloved Itsy) passed away two months ago today and ever since, it's been worse. He even peed on me in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. Do you think they know what they are doing when the do it?

House of the Discarded said...

I finally found 4 snow tires for $1600.00. *sigh* God I hate spending that kind of money the week before Christmas. Ho-Ho-frickin'-ho.