Thursday, December 11, 2008


It never ceases to keep me in a state of awe when I rescue a cat from the shelter and see the immediate transformation in him or her. People think they're such "dumb animals" and don't realize the depression, sense of abandonment, and utter desperation they feel when left at the shelter.

I had the priviledge of rescuing a VERY cute guy from the shelter that had been there for a while. His name was "Bozz" and thankfully was so ridiculously sweet the staff at the shelter could never see to marking him for euthanasia.

The picture Kim took when Bozz arrived at the shelter speaks volumes for every "pet" that arrives there:
Somebody saw Bozz's picture on the shelter site. (You can see the pictures of these cats for yourself - the link is in my "Sites I Really Like" section.") Her name is Cindy and she has her own "diva cat" named Willow. She wanted to rescue Bozz and give him a home sight unseen! Holy Moly! I love these kind of calls! I feel like the freakin' Stork!!! I brought Bozz home with me for the afternoon to hang out until it was time to leave to meet his new Mommy and his new sister Willow.

As God is my witness, these are the pictures taken in my washroom within 5 minutes of his arrival from the shelter:

It doesn't look like the same cat. He's relaxed. He's happy. He's SAFE!! I don't know how he knows he's safe. Could it be the baby talk I'm babbling at him? Could it be that I'm smooching him, brushing him, and promising him anything that he wants? Within 10 minutes of these pictures, he flopped over on his back for belly rubs. I felt like calling Cindy and telling her she couldn't have Bozz. :)

We arrived at Cindy's lovely home and without a doubt, Cindy was thrilled with her new boy. I wish I could say the same for Willow. Willow gave a "spitty hiss" and fled for higher ground. Bozz didn't care.

I don't know how....but Bozz knew he was home. You're welcome big was my pleasure.


RHz said...

He's beautiful. And yay to another happy ending!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Look what a brush and "out of the cage" will do to a cat!!! Yeah! He is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks Beth!!

Cindy said...

Update on Bozz now named Wilson.

Wilson went to the vet yesterday (Sat) He has two broken upper canines and the right one is almost to the nub. We may have to pay a visit to a dental vet but will look into that in the new year.

I took in a fecal sample to be tested and he is neg for worms. I also had him blood tested for FIV and Feline Luk. Both negative. YAY! He got his first shots, had his ears cleaned and was a gentleman the entire time.

I now have him on Prescription p/d canned food as well as the regular hard food I have here.

The Diva Miss Willow is in a snit and vocalizing her complaints to the world. So far Wilson is being a gentleman with her and either lays down when she growls or walks away from her. He talks to her but she is not having anything to do with him yet. He is giving her the space she needs to adjust and I am growing more confident with each day that they will be fine together.

This boy is a lover. Curled up on the couch with me right now. Sweet as can be. A bit skittish and nervous. Easy to startle.

Also very chatty so I now have two chatty cats! Love it.

Thank you for everything!