Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Favourite Kind of Christmas Presents...

I couldn't have gotten a better Christmas present this year. My little "Meatball" and "Dexter" were picked up this morning by a wonderful family to give them a home forever.

I love you little good to your new family and don't touch their Christmas tree! (Ha!)

Yesterday, I had the priviledge of meeting a wonderful man at the shelter who wanted to adopt a cat on death row. He was genuinely wonderful (yes, ladies...he's single!) and his daughter had adopted from me a few months ago. He chose Kim's favourite boy "Brady":

This guy is quite the character! Brady is 1 year old and loves to gives hugs and will headbutt your face. I think he's perfect for his new Daddy.
I also was able to rescue "Kerby" and place him into an awesome foster home. What a SWEET boy! He had been at the shelter far too long and I always worry that his time might have been up:

Kerby's shelter picture says so much about these cats. He went from this picture to this:

(I forgive you for pooping in your crate on the way to your foster home, Kerby)

I also had the priviledge of rescuing a VERY sweet Tortie Mom and her 6 newborns. Bless their little hearts. Needless to say, my little BMW was full to the brim with cat crates. there anything anyone could buy me that would make me smile more than I smiled yesterday when I left the shelter with my little gang?
I don't think so. Merry Christmas everybody!


Anonymous said...

hey beth, I love that picture of i hope the foster home loves him!

Steve Bartlett said...

See -- the Dexter Anti-Defamation League worked!

RHz said...

Yay! I love happy endings. Merry Christmas (a little late) to you, too!