Friday, December 12, 2008

A Spicy Little Meatball!

The first time I laid eyes on Meatball wasn't the day I actually rescued him. I was at the shelter to rescue another cat for someone else and I still had a houseful of cats. His name at the shelter was "Macky" and he was a live wire! His eyes begged me to rescue him (not to mention his paws sticking out of the cage!)

As it turns out, Kenny and Spenny were adopted, so I literally fled to the shelter to rescue my little 12 week old hellion.
I put Meatball in my washroom and came back an hour later to check on him. I found him swinging from my shower curtain. The little bugger! Before I could catch him, the shower curtain came crashing down on the floor! I knew my home was going to be a proverbial playground for this guy.
I really should've named him "Flash Gordon". I swear, he goes from one thing to another...leaping on the other cats...leaping on the couch...he runs....he leaps...and I'm worn out just watching him! Can you imagine a kitten like this in a home with NO cat friends to play with? OMG.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning to a sick little Meatball. He was definitely not himself and his body was hot. I wrapped him up in a blanket and started rocking him in the rocking chair. Good Lord, what was I thinking? hahahaha! Good thing we didn't have any diapers in the house, or I would've been changing him too.

By noon, he was VERY sick and I was was becoming more and more alarmed. He was mouth breathing, and lethargic. Although I could've taken him to the rescue's vet, I called my own vet and got him in right away. He had a high fever (duh!). After some proper medical treatment and my $250.00 credit card payment, Meatball is back home and on the mend.

Call me selfish, but I'm sort of enjoying the "quiet Meatball". He's snuggly and doesn't want to go anywhere other than my arms.

Lord help my Christmas tree when this little guy is feeling better!

Welcome to my house, Little Meatball. We're very glad you're here and I'll love you with all my heart for whatever time you have until your "forever family" comes along to take my place.

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Anonymous said...

Ah! Damn! I was hoping he'd get over it on his own!!! He'll pull through Beth!! He's a little fire cracker!!