Saturday, December 20, 2008

An Update on "Dexter"

My "Little Ugly Squirt" has gotten MUCH cuter since I last posted. He's still not the handsomest kitten in the world, but he makes up for his lack of looks in the SWEET Department. Holy Moly, he's a sweet little guy. I had some fun taking pictures of him today.

Speaking of pictures...why is it that I'm compelled to post pictures of my cats sitting on my kitchen table on my Christmas placemats, no less? Seriously. Do I have no shame?

Dexter has kept us laughing with all of his drama in front of our foyer mirror. He's a hoot! He goes through great lengths to puff up and look really scary at the "other kitten" in the mirror:He and Meatball are now out and about with all the other cats. I'm a tad worried because I have a husband and two teenage sons stomping about with their heads up their asses in the clouds. I've warned everybody to look for sleeping kittens before they walk up the steps or flop down on the couch. Dexter only weighs 2 lbs - he's easy to miss.

Seriously....I have a 5 scratching trees in the house, and a zillion cat toys. Why do they insist on treating my kitchen table like an amusement park?

Willy looks like he's making a new friend in Dexter. Bless his little heart. Thank goodness I can just shake somebody's hand when I meet them for the first time.

I need to take some better pictures of Dexter. Right now every picture is blurry, because the little guy is feeling better and running around like mad. It's hard to tell, but Dex has some VERY short legs - almost munchkin-like. I'm wondering if he's a product of that icky "Munchkin" backyard breeder who dumps the kittens who don't make the grade at the shelter.
Maybe we should've called him "Stumpy" :)


Steve Bartlett said...

I'm thinking of starting the Dexter Anti-Defamation League :). Honestly, he's just adorable! If I didn't have so many I'd definitely have room for him.

Anonymous said...

Stumpy, Stumpy!!!


House of the Discarded said...

*LOLOL* @ the "Dexter Anti-defamation League"!!!

RHz said...

Dexter is entirely too cute. Like I said, if I was closer and the hubby hadn't capped me, I would scoop him up from you in a heartbeat.

And, the reason they use your table instead of their own stuff is because, well, they are cats. And they can. ;-)