Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Letter to Kenny & Spenny

Dear Little Boys,

Thank you for being such wonderful houseguests. You brought such joy to our family in the short time that you were here.

Your new Mommy seems very nice! The whole adoption went very fast - so fast that I can hardly believe that you're really gone. I'm so grateful that you'll have a forever home together!

Who is going to bite my toes in the morning? How will I ever manage to use the washroom by myself now that you're gone? I was really looking forward to your first Christmas at our house, but fortunately your new Mommy already has her Christmas tree up, so you can make a mess out of HER tree! :)

I've been so emotional over the past few days, that I find it strange that I'm "OK" with you boys being adopted. Maybe it's because I really liked the lady that adopted you. *shrug*
The only thing I didn't like about this woman is that she didn't want to let you on the kitchen counters. I think I shocked her when I told her, "Look. You don't have human children - spoil the shit out of these guys and ENJOY them!"
I was glad to see her be silly with you and kiss you both when she arrived tonight to pick you up.
Little ones - I love you. I hope your new Mommy writes me and sends me pictures like she promised. You made us laugh and gave me something to talk about with my teenage son.
I pray that you'll have the very best life....
Your foster Mom - Beth


Pal said...

YAYAYAYYA they have a forever home :)

I hope there new mommy spoils them more then anything. They were so cute and it looked like your family loved them.

Good luck with you next rescue :)

RHz said...

I'm glad this had a happy ending. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww! This made me tear up! Your such a good foster mom Beth!! They are so lucky to stay with you until their FOREVER comes along! I hope she sends pics too!!