Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ordinary People

I've been so emotional lately. It's starting to piss me off. David sent me some baby shower pictures from a couple that was infertile for 10 years - their baby is due in 8 weeks. I started to cry and I didn't even know these people!

Imagine how I felt yesterday: I arranged to meet a couple at the shelter. Carol and Norm wanted to rescue a cat that was going to be euthanized. When they arrived, they walked up and down the cages and agonized over each one. Carol looked at me with big tears in her eyes. There were so many and she could only take one. My biggest concern when this happens is that people will feel so overwhelmed and walk out with ZERO cats. It's happened. Folks feel like they can't make a difference by adopting just one.

There was NO way they were going to leave without a cat - at least not in my book. They came across a very ordinary little grey tabby named "Natalia". Norm took Natalia out of her cage and this little 6 month old cat began to knead in the air. She was so grateful for any affection. Norm kissed the end of her nose and called for his wife. Boooya!! Carol started to cry again when she held Natalia. Natalia rubbed her little grey tabby face all over Carol's, as Carol commented on how beautiful she was.

To me, Natalia was a very ordinary cat and Carol and Norm seemed like such an ordinary couple. But yesterday, they did an extraordinary thing. They gave a home to a cat that had no hope.

In one day, Natalia went from this discarded piece of garbage that somebody didn't want....

To a beloved member of a family....a real family...HER family.

Of course, I started to cry when these pictures came into my e-mail last night. Natalia's new name is "Peaches" because she has "beautiful peach stripes". These people and this cat aren't "ordinary" any longer. They offered their love, their home and their hearts to a little cat that had nothing and nobody.

They're all extraordinary in my book. (need tissues...STAT!)


Pal said...

Yup Yup Yup you definitely just made my eyes water.

RHz said...

I always love tearing up first thing in the morning. Thanks. LOL.