Friday, February 10, 2012

What Goes Down....Comes Back Up?

A crappy day yesterday seems like distant memory when I'm able to spend 6 hours at a Petsmart Store and completely adopt out EVERY cat we had there today!  It was just me and one other volunteer and we definitely rocked the adoption event!  Honestly?  I don't know if we have enough cats booked to come in tomorrow to make it worth blazing through the snow and ice tomorrow. 

Many thank you's to Shelley who set up the event today by herself and really made all this happen.

We also had one of our special needs cats adopted through one of our foster homes.  We did a mini-fundraiser for Jared back in NOvember who ended up having very expensive knee surgery. Poor Jared would have to be forever on pain medications.  That didn't seem to deter an incredible adopter from giving Jared a fabulous Forever Home! Because Jared was mega-special needs, I waived the adoption fee in lieu of a donation. The adopter paid the adoption fee anyway! :) Bonus!

I also heard about a friendly cat that was obviously dumped in a neighbourhood.  Because the temperature was supposed to drop to -25 tonight, I really felt compelled to meet this guy with hope of rescuing him.  I couldn't leave Petsmart, so one of our volunteers went out to assess him for me:

Although nobody could be sure, but it's possible he's already been neutered.  Anyway, our red head is now safe and warm.  He won't have to worry about freezing tonight.  I wish they could all be so fortunate. 

I'll be thinking of the cats that are cold and have no place to go tonight.  But I'll also be thinking of the soon-to-be-rescued cats that now have a chance thanks to so many adoptions today. 
I think I can sleep well tonight. 



Faith J. said...

Congrats on all the adoptions! That is amazing.

So glad the orangie will be safe and warm tonight. I love that photo and how he's holding up his paw.

Anonymous said...

WHOA!!!! that is so amazing... I can't believe that you may have a temporary "shortage of cats" AWESOME.

Wednesday said...

Congrats on the great news all around. And that is one beautiful orange cat. I bet he finds a forever home quickly!

Anonymous said...

All wonderful news Beth.....Love the little orange boy..Definitely a the doleful expression ..I could just pick him up and hug that cutey ! Glad to hear he's warm and safe tonight.
I happen to know where there are a lot more beautiful kitties patiently waiting for someone to come and save them....seeing that you've run out of kitties . Are you still working with those poor waifs at Kim's shelter ?

anya said...

Great job - that orange guy is lovely - we had one like him many years ago. Have a well-desrved rest.

Rivi said...

Congratulations, wondeful and fantastic!

Having "fun" yet?

I hope this is just the start of the ultimate objective- permanently emptying the High Kill shelters of cats - by getting them into loving forever homes.

Tina said...

That is truly amazing Beth! We've had 2 cats up at Petco for at least a month that we have yet to adopt out. One is a beautiful Siamese. The other is a very affectionate gray and white lap cat. We've had some interest but apparently, so far none of them are "good" enough to adopt these kitties. It's frustrating to say the least. So I am happy when I hear good news like this. Keep up the awesome work!