Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Kid On the Block

Today I rescued 7 cats from a shelter that I had never been to before.   It was a strange experience to be at a shelter where I didn't know the staff or the routines.  But  like any shelter, the cats needed homes and the staff were thrilled to see a rescue come in to help. 

At the shelter where I usually rescue, I could almost count the minutes until a newly rescued cat got sick.  I know where the washroom is, and what staff member was helpful and who wasn't. 

This shelter allowed me to come in and rescue after calling people in the industry and finding out that our rescue is reputable and I'm not a hoarder.   I was impressed that they cared enough about their cats to find out where they were going and what I was doing with them. 

It's still too new to say that I can continue to rescue there, but so far it feels like a decent partnership where there isn't a bunch of political bullshit that is preventing me from actually rescuing cats. 

Sadly, there seems to be more than enough cats everywhere for everybody to rescue.  Believe me, I'd be happy to be out of a volunteer job.  "Sorry Beth, but there are no cats for you to rescue today.  Come back next week." 

Tonight, there are 7 more cats that are out of a cage and into a loving foster home.  I'm going back tomorrow to rescue a few more cuties that need us.  

This time?   I'm going to find out where the bathroom is. 


Ed Roberts said...

Great stuff Beth! Keep up the great work you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Great News, Beth.....Darn, we don't get to see them though .
Any chance for "gorgeous George " and Harvey to be rescued from the old rescue ? Thank you for helping them and loving them all !

Random Felines said...

Very true...we hope this new relationship leads to great things. Oh - and mom says the same thing about kittens - we love fostering, but we would LOVE to be out of the kitten business too!!

Caroline said...

That's great Beth, cats everywhere need you.