Monday, February 13, 2012

Shhhh....Quiet Monday

I woke up this morning with a leap!  Mondays are notoriously busy for me and the rescue - especially after a large weekend adoption event!  I jumped into the the shower as any working gal would and ran downstairs to my office.

"Strange.  The phones are quiet."

"10:30 am.  No emails and one phone call about a neuter appointment."

I found myself with the luxury of time and met with a foster Mom at a vet clinic who was taking newly rescued Spencer to be neutered.  It was a happy/sad moment for me.  Happy because it was discovered that Spencer was already neutered!  But sad because he had obviously been abandoned outside.  There was no microchip and lots of lost ads had been put up for months for this guy.  The poor little man.  I wish he could tell me about what happened.  He's a very gentle, sweet guy. 

The day continued to be very quiet.  The rescue's bookkeeping was caught up and laundry folded.  I definitely can *do lazy*, but Monday feels like it should be busy.

But I think I was the only one that felt that way:

Sherman's idea of the perfect Monday.
The Great White knows how to "do Monday".
The adoption event this weekend was a huge success! Friday, EVERY SINGLE CAT was adopted by noon! The rest of the weekend wasn't quite as successful due to some pretty nasty weather. But our volunteers STILL went out in the afternoon and set up the adoption event in one of the Petsmart stores despite the awful conditions. (I love to brag about our volunteers)

I probably should never say that it "wasn't successful". Any time we can talk with people and get the word out about animals who need homes it's a good day.

So that's my Monday. There's no doubt in my mind that things will be crazy again at JUST the moment that I need some peace. So I'll try to enjoy it while I can today. Live in the moment, right?


masterofboots said...

All the best, little ones. Have a new happy life

Renee said...

My gang has the exact same bed as The Great White. It seems to have magical Monday-avoidance properties.

Random Felines said...

Sometimes a slow day is a great thing. Love the Sherm..... :)