Monday, February 20, 2012

To Clarify

Today was "Family Day" in the lovely province of Ontario.  David and I did the usual things couples do when there's a day off - breakfast out, lunch out, and a Starbucks coffee mid-afternoon. When he retires, I might as well just camp out at Weight Watchers.

The phones were quiet, but did have several adoption calls.  Our adoptions over the weekend were fantastic and it looks like we're ready to do another rescue again.  It's been surreal to see the shelters so empty lately.  But I always think, "The Calm Before The Storm..." 

I've had several people recently ask me to post Lost Dog information on my blog, or "Needs Help" on my blog.  One of the reasons I don't do it, is that this isn't the best forum for it.  This isn't a blog about our rescue either.  But it's supposed to be a blog about my life in cat rescue.  It's the same reason I don't put advertisements there too.  (Over the years I've been offered click-thru payment advertising to earn money.) I do talk alot about Forever Home Cat Rescue and have even begged for donations, but that's because the rescue IS a major part of my life.  I hope this makes sense.

I thought about writing a blog for our rescue's website, but I don't think anybody is really that interested so I didn't do it.  :)

Rescues from the high-kill shelter have been HUGE thanks to several wonderful people who have really worked their a$$es off to make it happen.  The rescues aren't mine, but I'm definitely watching it all unfold.  It's so nice to feel like you're really doing something and watching the shelter empty out as you take 7 or 8 cats.  I love this time of year!  Then comes summer and you take out 3 cats and there are 7 people in the waiting area waiting in line to dump their cats, and 50 cats total come in during the day.  Anybody who has read this blog over the years knows I've experienced it over and over and it's very painful.  

I can't imagine after all the negative publicity that this shelter has received over the past year why they haven't moved forward with the first steps towards opening for adoptions.  Maybe they have and I don't know?  You'd think the city would ask,  "Um...we have a shelter that just kills the animals and doesn't allow for adoptions?"  You'd think they would be embarrassed that they have such a redneck situation going on.

Ugh.  I'm burned out on trying to answer that question, and as a rescue, I'm tired of being their only solution to this problem.  Forgive the negativity....just venting a bit. 

Part 4 of The Family Day experience commences in 5 minutes:  Dog Walking.  Although walking a 14 year old dog is more like "Dog Shuffling".  For tonight, I'm OK with that.


Caroline said...

I definitely think you should use the click advertising with possibly a little note explaining how it raises money for your rescue. Free money what could be better and I think your current readers would all support you and understand. I really wish that the animal control would make some progress but I don't think that will happen unless the SPCA leaves. I really wish the SPCA would stick to cruelty investigations and Low cost Spay and Neutering and leave adoptions to the real rescues.

Anonymous said...

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