Friday, February 03, 2012

Have Fun. Rescue Some Cats.

I was listening to a radio programme the other day where the discussion involved volunteering.  The lead person indicated that it's imperative that If you volunteer, you get something in return out of it.

I thought about that for a while and wondered what MY "return" was.  I work 40+ hours per week for free, for animals that rip my furniture, snag my clothes and barf on my carpets.  I've had adopters swear at me, and one (former) foster parent steal adoption money from the rescue.   I've had kittens die in my hands and loving volunteers cry on my shoulder.  What the hell is MY "return"?

My personal rescue motto is:  "Have fun.  Rescue some cats". 

If I'm not having fun in some way, I wouldn't do this.  Anybody who reads this blog knows that there are MANY MANY dark days and "fun" seems very distant.    Some days I get hurt so badly I feel like throwing in the towel.  I still don't know what keeps me going during those darker days.   We have one wonderful foster Mom that has been fostering with me for years who ended up with her last 4 foster cats getting VERY she's got Ringworm in her house.   Where's the fun for her?  Argh. 

"Have Fun.  Rescue some cats" seems almost too simplistic of a mantra.  But I repeat it often and strange as it sounds, it seems to help keep me centered when I'm discouraged or sad.  Maybe because it brings me back to basics.  "Having Fun and Rescuing Some Cats" was the reason I started this rescue.  I wanted to bring nice, loving people together with cats who need homes.   Very few things make me happier than watching a wonderful, loving person adopt a once discarded, abandoned cat who otherwise had no hope.  

I've noticed that my blog posts this week have been void of any real drama.  But I never know what the next week has in store for me.  But for now....I'm going to "Have fun and Rescue Some Cats."

Yeah.  That's right. :)


Rivi said...

I don't know if "fun" is the right word.

Although, only you can decide if Sherman's antics are "fun".

I think JOY is the better word.

500+ adoptions, 96 in January, 14 rescues in 24 hours, success stories of sick or injured cats who now are in loving foster homes or adopted, and watching the Sherminator in action:

The JOY and HAPPINESS outweighs the
heartbreak (and your wrecked furniture.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rivi for saying what I would like to say.....and think of all the JOY you bring to so many families that adopt those lucky kitties. Like I've said before our furniture doesn't give us the JOY, the huggles and kisses that these beautiful creatures do. You just have to look into those adoring eyes to understand how grateful they are to be given another chance at LIFE. How can you not see the positive side in that Beth. Yes I understand what you are saying....every job has it's trials...but this one has a lot of positive, happy sides too. Some jobs never do . Thank you for struggling on in the face of adversity. I am sure the kitties thank you for the help too !

Anonymous said...

I think being a foster parent is like being a nurse or other caregiver. There are a lot of bad parts to the job....yes, I've had a couple of cats die in my arms too....but it is soooo joyful to save an abandoned, sick cat and bring him back to health and then watch how happy he is to go to his forever home. That warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart is what we get from this volunteer work.