Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesday Updates

It's always such a treat to take a little romantic-shopping trip with David.  I'm so appreciative to have volunteers who look out for the rescue while I'm nurturing my relationship. (Thank you, Susan!)   I believe rescuers end up getting so caught up in rescue and the animals that they forget about their significant others who need some love too. 

I had a VERY interesting thing happen yesterday.  I decided to get a facial at the hotel where we were staying.  I was relaxed and listening to some wonderful music as the young woman massaged my temples.  She stopped suddenly and said that she is very intuitive and sees "pictures".  I lazily opened my eyes.  I'm not much of a talker while I'm spending money on a facial so wasn't thrilled she was interrupting my Jon Hamm fantasy.  She said that the picture she intuitively received about me was unusual and was hoping if she shared it with me I could give her some insight.  She said: "I see a heart in a steel cage with bars.  Does this mean anything to you?"  I think I sat straight up on the table.  Strange how she could "see" that about me. 

We were back at the shelter today and rescued a couple of sweethearts.  The shelter kindly had both cats spayed and neutered for us and they were lovingly placed into our foster care this afternoon.  Both cats had been at the shelter since early September.  There's no doubt in my mind that rescue was urgent for these guys. 

I just received a text message from a foster parent who took one of these cats this afternoon.  Apparently, he fell asleep on the roommate's lap.  My first thought?  "It must be wonderful to have a lap to sleep on after all this time in a cage!"

There's a large adoption event going on at all North American Petsmart stores this weekend.  We're busy preparing our cats and kittens with hope they'll be adopted this weekend.  I feel like I'm still recuperating from a crazy January and now I'm back to a crazy weekend.  I guess it's all good when it involves adoptions. 

Sadly, we had two kittens pass away after they were adopted last week.  Sure, it happens.  Sure it happens in every rescue, shelter, SPCA - everywhere despite our best efforts to take all the right precautions.  But consoling crying adopters is agonizing.  One of the kittens passed away after being chosen by a 7 year old little girl for her birthday.  The kitten died on this little girl's birthday.  My was heart broken into a bunch of little pieces.  Nobody did anything wrong.  It was just one of those awful things that I consider part of my job and part of rescue. 

Adoptions are great, rescues are good, and my relationship has been nurtured.  I'm feeling a momentary sense of peace and know this is just the calm before the storm of kitten season in the next few months.  I really enjoy this time of year for our foster homes who have been patient for their adult cat adoptions. 

Tonight?  It's all good and I'm going to wallow in it...at least for tonight. :) 


Deb said...

"Kitten season!!!!" Is that really just around the corner? My how time flies. Glad things are going well for you and the cats.

Tina said...

I think it's great that you took time away to recharge your batteries and spend quality time with your hubby. No matter what your chosen profession it's important to maintain balance. Otherwise you're no good to anyone because your running on fumes. Pretty wild about the "picture" that woman saw. Hopefully, the little girl will choose to adopt another kitty to love.

Caroline said...

Good for you having a break I wondered why there wasn't a posting on Monday but I understand that you totally deserve it. I reread the box episode and love the pic of Barbie kicking Sherman and in a weird way the "Great White" really does look like a shark, a friendly one. I also think you should print and frame the box photos and hang them in one of those photo frames that allow for 3 or 4 photos one after the other.

Anonymous said...

Beth last May I lost my beautiful 2 yr old Golden Retriever to IMHA an auto immune disease. I was devastated and spent many hours on line in the following weeks looking for answers. The best resource I discovered is an on line chat community at http://aplb.org/ the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. Their chat rooms have moderators that are trained in helping people thru the loss of a beloved pet. They also have a good section on children and pet loss that I highly recommend.

Would be a valuable resource both for new clients, who may have recently lost a pet and in situations like the little girl and the kitten death.

Harpurr’s Mom