Friday, November 18, 2011

The Vet Bill Cometh

Thank you all so much for your kind emails, comments and thoughts for my Maggie.  As you can see from the picture below, she's resting comfortably and getting all kinds of spoiling and attention.  We even took her to Starbucks on the way home from the vet's office for her cup of whipped cream.  Nothing is too extravagant for our girl! 

I always find it ironic that when a loved one (human or furry) is ill or having surgery, THEY are the ones that get the awesome pain meds.  I could certainly use whatever Maggie has for pain right about now. 

I'm hopeful our holiday fundraiser will be a good one tomorrow.  Our vet bills have been scary lately, as one of the cats in our program needed very expensive knee surgery:
 "Jared" is "the million $$ man" and is doing very well post-surgically.  The same vet performed  Maggie's surgery and did an excellent job! 

(Note:  As I typed this blog post, Jared's foster Mom called and said Jared did "something" to his knee and she's rushing him back to the vets...UGH!)
I always laugh when I look at the rescue's bank account after a big adoption event.  For a couple of days, it feels like we actually DO have money.  For a few moments, I feel like one of those people who won the lottery and is rolling around $100 dollar bills on their bed.

 But then the vet bills come in....and in....and more come in...then the phone calls from former adopters arrive who are ready to spay and neuter their adopted kittens....

I pity the next person who tells me we're charging "too much" for an adoption fee.  :)



Chrissykat said...

So happy Maggie is home & recovering. It's always an awful feeling when they're not home where they should be. Sure hope Jared is going to be okay.

Good luck with the fundraiser!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Good news about Maggie! The boys send purrs to her for her recovery, and to Jared too.

Best of luck with the fundraiser. You don't even want to know what my vet bills have totaled over the past 2.5 years, with cab fare on top of it. LOL. So happy to have a line of credit and a credit card. :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh dear..... regretting my email to you now!! :( Sorry!!! :(

Hope your Maggie is doing better.


Melissa W

Caroline said...

Maggie looks very comfy with your boy, which got me thinking that maybe you should encourage him to become a veterinarian, it would eliminate those vet bills, just think of all the cats you could rescue!