Monday, November 14, 2011

Gearing Up For a Good Week

It was a very successful adoption weekend and I'm full of good news!  We had more than 15+ cats adopted over the weekend - not just from Petsmart, but from our foster homes too.  (I would certainly hate to think what would happen if we put all of our eggs in the Petsmart-basket. )

We had a very close call with one of our kittens on Saturday.  I met with a terrific couple with a large dog who wanted to adopt one of our kittens.  They brought their dog into the store and we sat in an adoption room to insure that the dog would be ok with the kitten and vice versa.  It seemed like a great match!  The dog was licking him, and the kitten seemed 100% ok.  Apparently, the couple took the kitten out of his carrier in the car.  The dog viciously lunged at the kitten.  Thank God, the couple had fast reflexes and the kitten was OK. Thankfully, the couple brought the kitten back.  They were all very upset.  It could've been so much worse. 

If any of you "dog people"  know  how this could be prevented in the future, please let me know.  I really thought we did full due diligence and all was well.  The dog was wonderful with the kitten in the adoption room.  *sigh*

Speaking of Petsmart, we've been approved to be an adoption partner at another one of their stores!  We'll be rotating on a monthly basis with one other rescue.  We open in January there, and couldn't be happier with this opportunity.  Lots to do in December to get ready!!

I'm also happy to say that Hubert for whom I put out an urgent plea last week was rescued today by another rescue! In fact, I was speaking with Kim at the shelter last night and found out that more than 20+ cats were rescued out of the shelter today! I can only hope that the vet day was cancelled  for tomorrow.

This feels like the start of a good week....


Fuzzy Tales said...

Superb news, Beth, with so many adoptions and rescues. Hurrah! And special concats to Hubert. :-)

The boys send purrs to that kitten to find his right forever home (the one the dog lunged for, I mean).

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!! Both about the adoptions *and* Hubert!! That poor boy had certainly been on my mind a lot!

As for the dog, well, it's not *that* strange to be honest. The adoption room was 'neutral' terrain. The car was not (that was the dog's normal territory). One of my dogs was fine with other dogs in places where he'd never been before (or at dog shows or wherever) but take him to his usual parks, he was an asshat. Very, very dominant and picked fights with any other male dog he came across (unless they showed non-threathening body language, then he was fine).

And this was despite hours and hours of training, observation by professionals etc. I loved him to bits but we knew what to watch out for with him.

I'm gutted for the people who adopted the kitten though :( Poor them! It must have *really* shaken them!

Cindy, Bertie, Sammy, Malley, Batman, Garth and Avery

Chrissykat said...

Yay Hubert! So happy for him. And WOW...20+ cats pulled from the shelter & 15+ adoptions?! That is just the best!!!

Caroline said...

I agree with Anonymous, the car was the dogs territory so he would be confident and dominant there but not so confident and more passive in the store. Bad idea to take the kitten out in the car, they need to be slowly introduced over a few weeks if necessary.

Great news for your adoption numbers and the other rescue who took shelter cats.

Deb said...

I'll probably get flack for this but I don't adopt kittens out to people with dogs. Period. I don't trust that they wouldn't do just what this dog did when the opportunity is right. I only adopt cats out to homes with dogs. At least they can defend themselves. Deb

~*Connie*~ said...

congratulations on all of the adoptions and to hubert

I've been wondering about Noah though..

Random Felines said...

Wow - great adoption numbers and for picking up a new store.

We agree - it may have been letting the kitten out in the car more than anything else. It may have been ok if they had waited and introduced them slowly at home. I know that Petfinder has some great info resources on introductions you could use as handouts.... At least everyone is OK but we are sure they are shaken.

Debbie said...

I have dogs, and I have foster cats.I had one foster dog many years ago that wanted to eat one of my cats.It is very unusal once they are in the house.
Out side is fair game even for my dogs.They made a mistake by takeing the kitten out of the carrier.They should have reintroduced once they where home.

Piggles said...

I helped transport Hubert yesterday, along with 8 other cats bound for PAWS rescue. He was such a darling, talked to me most of the way and had an opinion on everything!
Great rescue day, way to go everyone! And I hear the vet was cancelled for today!