Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Three Cheers For Admin Days

I took advantage of my son borrowing my car for the day to declare today "An Admin Day".   If I don't take days to do paperwork, update our website, and spreadsheets, I end up with 7 month old unneutered kittens still in foster care.  (Yikes!)

The phone rang off the hook for adoption calls yesterday.  But oddly enough, I ended up with four adopters calling who were named "Jennifer".  Those who know me, know I'm pretty organized, so it was very unlike me to end up calling the same Jennifer THREE times over 3 different cats.  Holy God, I felt like such a doofus.  She must've thought I was a complete idiot. 

I had some Kodak Moments for my little foster guy "Phil":
It wasn't until I took a few more pictures that I realized that this guy ALWAYS has "the deer in the headlights" look:

It's not that Phil is startled or anything - he's always bit goofy.  It seems that I have a knack for picking out the goofy guys to foster.  Phil has turned out to be my little shadow and rarely leaves my side. 

I'm still wearing my slippers from this morning, but am happy for the work that was accomplished today.  David has clean socks and underwear, and the dishwasher has been emptied.  I'll try to put on some lipstick before my man gets home. Maybe he'll notice the Christmas wreath on the front door.  :)


Sarah said...

Definite "deer in headlights look" an adorable deer! I love the pic of "Phil" with Sherman.

Speaking of Sherman, what do you tell the "Jennifer's" (or others) that call about Sherman?? do you just talk them into another gorgeous kitty you have OR has there really not been ANYONE that wants his adorable self?? I must ask, he seems to be fitting in a little too well. LOL. Just have to keep asking until the truth of the matter comes out... haha.

House of the Discarded said...

Sarah: That was Bradley with Phil! LOL....I think I could have my own talk show with these cats names. Ahhh...Sherman...I just send prospective adopters the video of Sherman storming the refrigerator and they quietly ask to see another cat. (*smirk*)


Fisher and Staff said...

Goofy cats rock! I live with 2 of them. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

Caroline said...

Maybe Phil knows a good thing when he sees it and plans to stay long term at Turner n Company, so he gives the deer look to keep potential adopters away!