Thursday, November 17, 2011

Serious Business!

My heart feels heavy today, as I left my 14 year old dog Maggie at the vets for surgery today.  It was considered a "high-risk" surgery due to her age, but the poor old girl had a mouth of infected, rotten teeth that needed to be taken care of.  I feel completely negligent that I didn't notice she was having trouble eating until I gave her a TimBit (small donut hole) and she yelped.  It's awful to be so busy that you don't take proper care of the ones you love.

My son works at Starbucks and whenever David and I go there, we bring Maggie.  My son dutifully brings out a small cup of whipped cream for her.  It's VERY serious business for Maggie!
I really cherish the time this old gal has given me and my family.  I don't think we have lots of time left with her, but I'm going to do my damnest to make sure that she knows we love her every minute of her life.

After dropping off Maggie at the vets for her surgery, I went on to the shelter and rescued a couple of kittens.  One little grey/white 4 month girl that wasn't on the shelter website yet, and "Tonka":
Eight week old "Tonka" arrived at the shelter with a terrible eye infection.  She's been given proper medication and her eye looks great now!  Holy crap, is she CUTE!  She was covered in poop when I arrived at her foster parent's home.  She never stopped purring when we had to put her poopy feet in water.  I think she knew she was safe!

But the name "Tonka" has to go!  :)

Our rescue is part of a big Holiday Fundraising Bazaar this Saturday at a local church.  Fortunately, we have such a kick a$$ fundraising committee, I don't have to work at the event!  I'm actually going to be a SHOPPER, which is something I do VERY well. 

Glad there's *something* I do well, because right now, I'm feeling pretty hopeless where my Maggie is concerned.  I can hardly wait to pick her up tonight. 


Fuzzy Tales said...

The boys are sending lots of purrs for Maggie and crossing their paws she comes through the surgery with flying colours.

We'd love an update, if you're able to.

And isn't "Tonka" a doll. Yes, the name's got to go. Maybe she'll let her foster mom know what she prefers to be called.

Random Felines said...

Purrs for you and is so hard to see our pets get old. But I have discovered it is about the quality of the time we have!

Anonymous said...

Hi beth,

Fingers crossed for Maggie. She will be ok, I know it :)

When I got my first cat (herbie) from the shelter his mouth was disgusting. It was infected +++ and had to have almost all his teeth pulled. They really didnt think he was going to make it, and I almost lost him. 11 years later and Herbie is still kickin, and eats with the only few teeth left. Pretty good for a 19 + year old cat.
I will still keep my fingers crossed for her, just remember to give her a little extra whip cream treat...hehe.


Deb said...

I'm sending good thoughts for Maggie, Beth. I know how special our dogs are to us. I'm anxious to hear she is home and recovering. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Paws crossed Maggie is OK, we are sending healing purrs to her.

The kitty is cute but she doesn't look like a Tonka to us more like a Tonia.

Anonymous said...

Beth sending my good wishes and positive thoughts along for dear Maggie. Also want to thank you for the ones you just rescued from the shelter.....any chance for Gilby ? He would look gorgeous in a shiny red bowtie with that tuxedo he's wearing. love Gail
P.S. good luck at the bazaar too !

Anonymous said...

Hope Maggie is at home and recovering! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Cindy, Bertie, Sammy, etc etc etc

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We hope Maggie is okay and recovering. It's hard to leave them at the vet without worrying.

Emm said...

I thought 'Tonka' was a cute name. I thought of Tonka beans when I read it.
I like different names for cats and pets. I generally don;t care for ones like, Mike or Jennifer...maybe I'm odd?