Monday, November 21, 2011

I Have Nothing Figured Out

I was looking at our "adopted" spreadsheet and realized that the last 3 cats that were adopted were black and white!!  Is that possible?  Seriously - in August, I reduced the adoption fee by 20% on all black or  black and white cats and not ONE was adopted.  Suddenly, three get adopted. 

Don't get me wrong - I'm THRILLED when any of our cats are adopted!  But the black and white cats are often left behind with the black ones.  I have to wonder if there's a popular commercial or t.v. programme that features a black and white cat on right now. 

Thanks to a toiletpaper ad, everybody wanted a white, fluffy kitten for a while. 

I put a probable Maine Coon kitten on our website for adoption late last night.  I went to the grocery store this morning, and came home to EIGHT phone calls about the same kitten!  Holy crap....we have so many cute kittens!  Ask me about somebody else for cryin' out loud! 

Two nights ago, I put "Noah" (Norwegian Forest Cat)  on our website for adoption and I thought the phone would be ringing off the hook....but not one call:

Noah Before:
Noah After:

The highlight of my weekend was having an adopter call for "Diana":

We all know Diana is adorable, but she's definitely an ordinary black and white cat.  This family drove almost an hour (ONE WAY!)  to meet Diana and take her home!  They just *knew* she was "the one"!!!

Just when I think I have people figured out....I realized that I don't have anybody figured out at all!

But then again, *I'm* the one thinking about taking "The Sherminator" off the adoption page.. :)


~*Connie*~ said...

Thank you for the updated photo of Noah, he is still as handsome as ever..

His time will come, and I bet soon. He can't possibly be waiting for me, because I'm a) too far away and b) have a full house..

sending smoochies to Noah.. I love him so.

Random Felines said...

Yep - just when you think you have the math right, someone comes along and messes it up - but in this case in a good way!! I still laugh about the litter of kittens I once fosters - one brown tabby, one brown tabby and white and one black. Guess who was adopted first?? The little black kitten boy. Surprised the heck out of me. :)

Oh, and I say every house needs a Sherminator.... MOL

Caroline said...

Noah looks very wise in his after photo and is smiling for the camera, is this pic on his profile? He's very hairy, long whiskers and ear hair, but soooo handsome!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't fit with the timing of your adoptions, but tuxedo cats won a recent cat popularity contest:

I wish that I could take Noah or another cat, but my own special tuxedo guy, Simon (who was on your blog in 2009), hates other cats. Sigh.

And you and the Sherminator were meant to be. ;)

Lorelei said...

Beth, I LOVE the before/after shot of Noah. He's positively glowing, and what a grin! He's such a handsome boy.

Has Sherminator found a home? :-)

Anonymous said...

‘There's none so blind as will not see.’ Big grin. Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows that Sherman owns you! You would be crushed to loose him and he would be lost without your family. A match made in heaven. He's a keeper!!!

Harpurr's Mom

Lory and Co. said...

Hurray for black and white cats! I'm happy to include "Skunk Girl" in this new trend!

Animal C & C Citizens Group of St. Thomas said...

Re: Black and white cats, there are commercials for cat treats that features one. In one commercial, I think it's a black and white cat who busts a hole through doors and walls to get to his person and treats. In the other, the cat's outside and runs accross someone laying on an inflatable lounge in a pool.

~*Connie*~ said...

I haven't been able to stop thinking of Noah, I'm just glad his photo is still up on your blog.