Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never Enough

It was a fab rescue day today - NINE little sweeties were rescued!!  It felt like a drop in the bucket when the shelter was full.  I did my best to empty cage space so that the vet day isn't so drastic.  Unfortunately, it's not going to be a good day for many of the cats in the shelter.

There's one guy in particular that everybody's in love with (including me) - his name is Hubert and I'm hoping somebody can come forward for him:

One of the litters that I rescued was a litter of FIVE fluffy little darlings.  It wasn't until I walked into another cat room that I heard an outrageous sounding meow:

Now I don't want to say "Typical Tortie"...but she was already a 5 week old diva! I couldn't leave her, so put her with the 7 week old litter of 5. She was SOOO happy to be with them. I could almost hear her *sigh* with relief as she snuggled in with her friends who immediately accepted her as part of the gang.

I also rescued a sweet girl named "Bindy":

As always, I left the shelter feeling like it wasn't enough.  But it's never enough. 

Right now, I have a red couch calling my name for a 30 minute siesta before I return the voicemails that were left from earlier this afternoon.  I'll dream of one of my rescues being "enough".


Chrissykat said...

Please please please...someone save Hubert...

Fuzzy Tales said...

I know it's never ever enough, but you had a great rescue day, Beth. The boys are sending purrs for Hubert, that someone comes forward.