Thursday, November 03, 2011

What's a Few Extras?

My intention when I woke up this morning was to rescue one little very sick guy at the shelter:
I saw him on Monday and promised him that I would be back for him this week.  I knew they'd euthanize him tomorrow, so I was true to my word.  His name at the shelter was "Manny", but I am determined to call him "Phil"!  (C'mon!....that's CUTE!)

As always, I checked my email this morning before I left and there was an email from a foster Mom that said, "Beth, if you're going to the shelter today, would you check out Frazier and Murphy for me?"

Ha! I knew what that meant:  Put a couple more carriers in the car!

It's a great feeling to go to the shelter and rescue more than one.  I had three on my list today which was more than I had rescued recently.  It felt wonderful!!

A shelter staffer reluctantly brought me into one of the cat rooms and pointed to a lower cage.  I eased down unsure of what I'd find:

Five weeks old - and SIX toes on every foot.  He was just the right age to be buddies with the little black kitten that I rescued on Halloween.  Fortunately, the foster Mom for "Cha-Cha" was more than happy to take on a second little hooligan. 

What rescue would be complete without "The Ridiculous Rescue Song":

"Phil" is currently at our vets on IV ($$$) and lots of TLC.  I asked the vet to make sure they put in lots of blankies for him.  He's been sick and sleeping on newspaper for weeks.  I could almost hear his "sigh" from another room when he cozied into the softness of the blankets.  I bet he knew he was safe. 

I wish they ALL knew they were safe tonight.  My heart breaks every time I leave that place.

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Caroline said...

Yay for Frazier and Murphy, kudos to the foster Mom who opened her home for them! You're a brave lady Beth, great that you rescued the sick tabby! Is Phil going to be Phil Turner?