Friday, September 02, 2011

Looking Up!

The rollercoaster ride of rescue continues to baffle me.  My week started in absolute chaos and seems to be ending with some excitement! 

We've had SIX adoptions yesterday!!!  What a way to start September, eh?  We don't even have cats in Petsmart until tonight and we're movin' and shakin'.  I crunched some numbers and realized we had 52 adoptions in the month of August!  It's really wonderful to think with all the hard work and care that 52 little lives have found their Forever Home.

Speaking of "Forever Home"...I checked on my "Max" in his new home and he's doing great.  He's sleeping with his new Mom and she said that he's a keeper.  Good stuff!!

I'm having some surgery this afternoon, so as I type this I'm feeling a little distracted, but didn't want to wait until I'm home from the hospital to try to blog.  This certainly isn't going to be my best blog post.  LOL 

We're going to the shelter this weekend to do a rescue.  I wish I could be part of it, but I don't want to push myself too hard.  I'm happy that we're rescuing an adult cat this time.

We woke up yesterday morning to water all over the kitchen floor and a ripped up loaf of bread dead set in the middle of the kitchen.  EVERYBODY looked guilty to me, but I suspect my little Sherminator.  He must've had a great time.  He actually opened the bread drawer, dragged the loaf of bread out into the kitchen sink where I had some dishes soaking.  Then pulled the water-soaked bread onto the floor.  What a party he must've had!  Wish I had the video camera running for that. 

I took a picture of my own cat "Willy" yesterday.  He's such a goofy guy -  I often find him in this pose:
Please note that this is my dining room table - and his partner in crime "Thomas" behind him.  I actually found a pile of barf ON my table this morning!!!  ThankYOUverymuch. 
Tonight, we have foster parents arriving at Petsmart with their beloved charges to place them in a cage for adoption.  Our volunteers have worked VERY VERY hard at making the Petsmart cages look gorgeous.  There are fluffy blankets, toys, and cubbies to hide in.  It looks like cat-xanadu in there!  I'm so impressed and proud. 

I'm logging off for the weekend and heading out to the hospital.  No worries - small diagnostic procedure, but I'm there for the day - but it's hardly Disneyland, right? 


Anonymous said...

Beth, I understand how anxious you must be feeling right about now. Been there too many times and know how happy you'll be to get it over with and get back home again. LOL Love the photo of Willy, I have several of Anoush in that same position, lol..."Boring..yawn", AND the pile of's a given when you have kitties. How often I enter a room and say YUK ! Thank you very much guys !
I am so excited about all your adoptions AND the beautiful set up you and the volunteers have created for even more kitty adoptions...wish I could be there miserable that we are so far away from you. Would it be possible for you to save us some pictures ? I WANNA SEE ! . Hope to see more adults adopted too.It is nice for you to have some positive happenings too ! I was delighted to see the comment from Anonymous re Prince and Charlie..Here I was missing them from the list, thinking we'd lost them and feeling so sad and they've been rescued... Hurray ! Thank you Anonymous for mentioning that. Sending good luck wishes Beth and hoping all goes well and you'll be "safe home" soon.. big Gail

Random Felines said...

We are sending you purrs and kitty kisses for this afternoon. :)

52 adoptions is great. Sometimes it takes doing a little paperwork to realize the impact you are making.

Good luck with petsmart.

Love the Willy picture...he is absolutely adorable (and apparently bored out of his mind).

Lory and Co. said...

Hahaha! The Sherminator sounds like quite the little Holy Terror!

Congrats on all the adoptions!! Here's to an amazing September!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Best of luck with your small procedure!

Concats on all the adoptions in August, that's fabulous!

BTW, someone should make an effort for the very sterile, small cages at our PetSmart....

Good luck this weekend!

Steve Bartlett said...

Sherman sounds like a keeper to me.

Debbie said...

Take care of yourelf and make sure you rest
Great numbers for adoption!
I think it will be a good month at Petsmart now that holidays are over and people are getting back into a routine
Thinking of you :)

Melissa W. said...

YAY! August was better than I thought it would be.
Bring on Pet Smart. Very excited to adopt out as many cats as possible.

Hope all went well for you this afternoon.
Take it easy!!!

~*Connie*~ said...

congrats on the adoptions.

i hope your proceedure goes smoothly and you are home and feeling well soon

Debbie said...

Hi Gail,

Yes our group Forgotten Ones rescued both Prince (now Joey) and Charley (now Ernie) They are both doing great, Joey was just picked up from his neuter and boy is he sweet!

Anonymous said...

Well Hello Debbie..we meet again...I've been watching your website . You have no idea how many times you have made my day, when I've found one of the missing kitties on your website...many thanks . I am so grateful. I DID wonder if that was you .... they are ALL so special.... Love Gail

Piggles said...

Love the pic of Willy! We have a rule in this house that no cats are allowed on the dining table. Unfortunately, the cats have no such rule, so we have lots of cat hair and, yes, the occasional hairball or other offering on the table. My son comes home from university, where he mixes with what he calls "normal" people (by which I think he means ones who don't allow cats to sleep on their dining table), and tries to enforce the "no cats on table" rule. Oh, how the cats laugh! They look at him with exactly the expression that Willy has.

Hope the surgery went OK. Take it easy!

Caroline said...

Hey Beth, Good luck on your procedure, I've had many and still think the worst thing is the IV. If you need it there is this cream called EMLA, which you get at the drugstore, put it on top of the IV location at least 1 hour before, top of both hands for me, and it nums the skin so you hardly feel the IV go in. Did you fail fostering 101 with Thomas and Shermin? lol!

Chrissykat said...

Sending you positive energy & healing for your procedure. And also a HUGE congrats on the August adoptions! Way-to-go!!!