Thursday, September 22, 2011

Taking a "Me Day"

The Weight Watchers meeting was just the ticket for me today.  I had a million other things I should've been doing, but as soon as I sat down and the WW facilitator said, "Make some 'Me time'", I knew I had come to the right place.  I've never been ashamed to take "me time".  I did it when the kids were younger too.  I was a better parent and wife because of it.  But the past two weeks have taken their toll on me.  Several days ago I had even worn a shirt that I took out of the dirty clothes hamper.  David said he has had to resort to wearing underwear from the BACK of his underwear drawer.  We were a pitiful looking couple - no doubt about it.

After my WW meeting, I was motivated.  I went to the nail salon and had a mani-pedi, then called the local spa.  If I didn't get my upper lip waxed today, I'd have to start pee'ing standing up. 

It only took 2 hours to renew myself and I feel so much better.  I was sure that the world had come to an end as I checked messages on the rescue's phone line.  There were no messages.  "REALLY?"

Tomorow is a busy cat rescue day, and I feel equipped to handle whatever comes my way.  I really hope other rescuers, (no matter what you rescue!) learn a lesson from my mistake.  The world did not come to an end, and my toes are a gorgeous shade of deep purple.   

Do I hear an "Amen"? 


Anonymous said...

Any updates on the tabby boy from the other day? Has someone come forward to take him?

peewee22 said...


House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Nobody... :(


Random Felines said...

Amen sister!!! We may force mom to do something similar this weekend.... (and if it makes you feel any better - she didn't get a shower this am - running REALLY late) MOL

Lorelei said...

Amen! Preaching to the choir! :-) I'm doing my toes tonight...right after a trip to the dog park, scooping the litters and feeding the zoo lol.

Shane Kent Louis said...

oh this is really great. keep it up! God bless You! :)

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Shane Kent Louis said...

Thanks for this wonderful post, it means a lot from me! God bless u! :)

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