Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's a Normal Day?

Today was the first day that was somewhat normal in a LONG time.  The loose ends that I had accumulated during a very busy two weeks was insane!

This morning, I received a phone call from my doctor's office:  "Beth, you missed your appointment yesterday"  Usually, that's not a big deal to miss a doctor's appointment, but I've been losing sleep over this because it's THE appointment where I find out the results of the pathology after my recent surgery.  Now I have to wait two more days. Believe me, I won't miss the next one.

I glanced at the calendar this morning and was horrified that my daughter's birthday is next week.  She lives in Southern California, so I like to mail her gifts 2 weeks ahead to avoid the stupid extra freight charges.  I ended up mailing her presents today for a ripping $67.89!  Crap!  That's what happens when you're too busy to think ahead.

Today was the first day that my file "Pictures to add to Petfinder" was EMPTY!  I worked hours and hours today updating our site and pictures.  Petfinder hasn't made things very easy for me to update pictures.   If it's an existing cat and you want to update pictures, you have to delete the frickin' cat and add him again to get new pictures!  Otherwise Petfinder doesn't update properly.   Ya. Frickin'. Hoo.

I received a phone call today from an adopter that may have to return a cat that was adopted in June.  Apparently, they've been dealing with wicked asthma that has sent her husband to the hospital where his lips were turning blue.  Last night, he went via ambulance and the wife was scared to death.  She loves loves "Kaluha", but realizes her husband's health is paramount.  I agree.  She was crying and felt like she had failed.  I gave her some recommendations that she hadn't tried before and she's going to give it one more try.  Fingers crossed that my suggestions work.  It sure seems like she tried everything.

Funny how "normal" feels almost "boring" now.  But I'm savouring the "boring".  If memory serves me right, chaos is just around the corner. :) 


Caroline said...

Good luck on the pathology and if you have an extra foster family open I'd suggest sending Kaluha there now while there is space in order to make things easier all around.Birthday greetings to your daughter.

Melissa W. said...

Beth - health for you comes first! Take it easy and REST.

You have the support of the best, most organized rescue group there is :) (I guess I am a little bias).

Random Felines said...

Take care of yourself!!!

And we are sorry about a potential return...but at least this is for a good reason (it is the dumb ones that makes mom want to scream).