Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rescue Day This and That

 I was happy to be able to rescue this little man today!  It's been a while since I sang my little rescue song!

This little guy spent the afternoon in my washroom.  I also rescued a tiny grey kitten that desperately needed help, along with a newcomer grey and white kitten from the shelter that had been passed around on a school bus between children. 

I was going to give my newest little tabby boy to another foster home, but I couldn't let him go after I took the following video of him yesterday:

Yes, it's true - he might be a "Sherman Part Deux".  I thought I was taking a  video of a darling foster kitten moment  when he took a flying dive towards me off the stair ledge.  I love him.  :)

I took 4 kittens to Petsmart yesterday and 3 have already been adopted.  Our adoptions are amazing this month!   I've been trying to tell excited foster parents that it's not always this way.  There will come a week where the phones don't ring.  But until then, I'm enjoying the chaos of many adoptions. 

A foster Mom sent me a darling picture of Elroy (now George) - couldn't help but make this a great "before" and "after" moment:

I'm looking forward to more adults getting adopted.  Maybe I'm wrong, but they just seem to appreciate it more.


Random Felines said...

THANK YOU for both of those videos. I lost a pair of foster kittens last night for reasons we don't know and this made me smile to know that at least a couple were saved!! Keep up the good work (and can't wait to hear about Sherman and his new partner in crime). :)

Fuzzy Tales said...

I think Ramone has decided that he's yours and you're his. The end. Seriously. What a sweetheart.

The little one you rescued today is a sweetie too. I'm at the point now where more and more I'm thinking about adoption again as a positive thing, not having the knee-jerk "I can't do this again" reaction. Well, it's 31 weeks today since Annie passed, so it's taking my heart a while to heal. But I think there's a crack or two. :-)

Elroy/George is so precious, I just love those pics, am so glad he's so comfy and loved now, even in foster care.

Robin Sarafinchan said...

Such cuties! Did the tabby from yesterday's post get rescued?

Melissa W. said...

Too cute. He is definately a Turner kitten :)

Congrats on all the adoptions!

House of the Discarded said...

Robin: Not yet...we're still hoping.


House of the Discarded said...

Random Felines: Aww, damn! I'm so sorry about the kittens. What on earth happened?


Anonymous said...

THank you so much for restoring my faith in the adoption of older kitties Beth and Foster Mom...I was so thrilled to see Elroy alive and well and I am hoping there are others who I was afraid were also lost to us.

Random Felines I am so sorry to hear that you lost your foster kittens.... that is a tough one to take..hang in're needed , but you do have my sympathy with the unexplainable loss and heartache does "Fuzzy tales with the loss of her sweet Annie ! We work so hard to keep them all well and it is pretty tough when they don't make it !
Here's hoping someone will find a spot in their heart for the dear little tabby that Beth posted yesterday..such a sweety .... and for all those dear ones in the shelter who are needing help.!
Thank you all..for "being there " for all these beautiful kitties who have no one else to turn to .
Beth.... hoping all goes well with your step daughter, she has a tough row to hoe....thank goodness she and baby have a caring family behind her ... big Cyber huggs for all who need them.. against all odds you ARE making a difference ! love Gail

Lory and Co. said...

@Ramdom - As a foster parent myself, I am so sorry for your loss.
@Fuzzy - when my 10 year old beloved boy cat passed, I found peace by fostering two weeks later... It became the best way to honor the love these little creatures give us... And I eventually even adopted one of my fosters. If you are not already a foster parent, I highly recommend it as part of your healing process. It's all about love.

Chrissykat said...

The before and after moment is priceless!!!! What a complete doll he is. And the videos are just so darned cute! Keep that good rescue mojo goin'!!!