Thursday, September 08, 2011

Saving Ferris

You'd have to be nearly dead to not smile when you see this little guy.  His name is "Ferris" and he's now safe in our care.  Many thank you's to Shelley who went to the shelter today on a moments notice to pick him up!

I need to paste this guy's picture on the bathroom mirror to remind  me why I'm killing myself to get ready for this adoption event this weekend.  My throat is sore and I have a headache - not a good start to a busy weekend.

David helped me load cages and tables in my SUV (three cheers for the new SUV!) tonight.  I was in a chipper, energetic mood until about 6:30 tonight and I felt myself fade.  I think that's the difference between a 30 year old woman and a 50 year old woman.  Seriously...I'm pooped! 

We've already had 3 adoptions out of Petsmart since yesterday in anticipation of the adoption event.  People want to get "first pick".  We have so many cute ones, I doubt anyone is going to go home disappointed this weekend. 

I picked up five kittens this afternoon and was able to spend some time with one of my favourite little guys:
"Charlie Chaplin" would make me smile on the worst of days.  I'm so tempted to send his picture to that website: Cats That Look Like Hitler. But I figure if I have THAT much time on my hands, my time could be better spent saving some cats!  Needless to say, if Charlie Chaplin were MY kitten, I'd kiss his little mustache every day!

But then again...I'm sort of hopeless that way. :)


ArtemisiaFSS said...

Oh Charlie is adorable. His mustache made us smile.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Beth how did I know that I needn't worry about Ferris being rescued ? Because he's gorgeous and absolutely irresistable that's why !
Can't find Nemo on the list today ..did someone rescue him ?
Sorry you're feeling lousy, Beth..plenty of Vitamin C and garlic..that's what you need..AND lemon juice in hot water with honey ! Hope all goes well with the sounds promising ! Love the little Charlie Chaplin Babe too ! Love Gail

Debbie said...

Thanks for rescueing Ferris Connie!!!And shelley for picking him up

Crystal said...

Fingers crossed that many adorable kitties find their forever families this weekend:) I must say you are a trooper and my inspiration...hope you are feeling better really soon!!

tally oh said...

I have spent the last month almost crying because I have too many cats; after a year fostering adult declawed cats which were adopted within a month or two, I find myself almost at a year with X.

&of course, I took a pregnant mom in the early summer, thinking X would be adopted imminently!

So here I am with 2 adult female cats, 2 now teenage kittens, and my own two cats.

Anyway, I wanted to say that when I saw your picture of "Ferris" all the stress immediately melted away, and I instantly thought "I can take him if Beth needs it!".

He is a cutie...and thank goodness you don't. I am going nuts here :P

Julie said...

Hope you got a good rest last night. You're burning the candle at both ends and the middle. Thinking of you!
Now Ferris looks like "my" kinda kitty! He'll get adopted in about a second. So cute!

Random Felines said...

Charlie and Ferris are ADORABLE!! You are right - it is the tiny faces (and the big ones) that keep us doing what we do. Paws crossed for a HUGE adoption weekend. And three cheers for SUV's and helpful husbands. :)

~*Connie*~ said...

I just want to cover both of them with smooches..

Good luck at the adoption event, may you come home empty handed and full hearted..

Chrissykat said...

I think "Cats that look like Hitler" needs to be renamed "Cats that look like Charlie Chaplin." The last thing cats need is another negative stigma. :-/

Major good luck with the adoption event. I hope your health and energy hold out!!!! Eat nutritious foods and stay hydrated, that will help.

Debbie said...

How did the adopt-a-thon go??????
I hope lots of fur babies found great forever homes.