Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Minute Excitement!

What an awesome day today!  It was business as usual;  adoption calls, emails, etc., when the phone rang and it was our local Humane Society asking us for help.  Apparently, they had a BIG adoption event this weekend at a local pet food store and were unable to attend at the last minute.  The manager of the Humane Society remembered me and asked if we were interested in taking their place TOMORROW! 

It was a big scramble, but we're going to pull it off!  The best part was being able to call two volunteers who said, "Sure Beth, we can handle this!"  I just took cages and tables over to the event location now, and we have volunteers and kittens going in tomorrow.  This is really wonderful, because the Humane Society advertised the heck out of the event along with Hill's Science Diet.  *Fingers crossed for a good turn out*! 

Regardless of the turn out, I felt really honoured to be given this opportunity by the local Humane Society.  I'm sure they didn't want to give it to just anybody and the fact that she thought of our rescue made me feel terrific!

We also had two new foster parents sign up with us and one is asking for a nursing Mom and kittens!  Looks like we'll be able to save a few more lives now. 

I'm trying to really enjoy riding the high point of the "rescue rollercoaster", because what goes up must come down.  But it's a great way to start the weekend.  But (in my best "Scarlett O'Hara voice")"I won't think about that now, I'll think about that tomorrow..."

I'm so excited for the weekend!


Devon said...

What an opportunity! Such good news for a Friday!

Fisher and Staff said...

How great. We will send lots of happy purrs your way and best wishes for a huge success.

Debbie said...

Where is it going to be????

Caroline said...

Great news, hope the adoptions are numerous so you can rescue more.

Chrissykat said...

What wonderful news!!! Wishing you & the kitties a terrific day with lots of adoptions!