Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Brain Fog

I haven't been myself since my surgery last Friday.  My mind feels foggy and I feel constantly stoned.  "Stoned" might have been a good thing if I didn't need to be so productive this week.  There's so much to do with a huge adoption event this weekend at Petsmart, and I can hardly coordinate enough energy to make dinner.

Apparently, I really screwed up my story about the Cornish Rex yesterday.  Not only is he NOT a Sphynx, but I guess I got the facts mixed up and Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue was also involved in his rescue.  I may have hit a new blog record for "Screwed Up Blog Retractions" in one week.

We had an adoption call for Sherman yesterday.  What a lovely lady, but unfortunately she only wanted one cat and I think Sherman would've been lonely.  I found myself describing Sherman to her in what quickly appeared to be an unflattering manner.  She started laughing....and I described Sherman as the "Resident Raccoon".  A few moments before I took the adoption call, I took the following picture of Sherman as I was trying to make Burgers and Fries for dinner:
I only left that cookie sheet out for a few minutes while the oven preheated!  I came back to find that he was totally relaxed and having a grand time. 

Honestly, I don't want Sherman to go to a home where he's going to be squirted with water or "shooo'd" all the time.  It's true, he doesn't need to be in the kitchen counters.  He doesn't need to sit on the kitchen table while we eat dinner.  He's a cat of his own mind and he keeps us laughing.  No, I'm not keeping him, but I need for  Sherman to be in a home where he's appreciated and loved for all his toiletpaper-ripping-antics.

His most memorable is our refrigerator.  Nobody in the house opens the refrigerator - at any time of day or night - without hearing Sherman galloping through the house and making a run for the open refrigerator door:

I haven't been to the shelter in more than a week.  Cats are still being rescued, so there's no worry about that.  But it always bothers me me when I get lost in administrative rescue work.  BOTH are equally as important as the other.  But I enjoy one more than the other - that's all! :)

I'm hopeful that my foggy-anesthesia-brain lifts a bit in the next day or so.  I really need to be at my best for the adoption event and to add support to the volunteers.  In the meantime, I'm going to let Sherman run amuck and hope there are no adoption calls for him. :)


Tina said...

Good call Beth. Sherminator definitely needs a friend and someone who doesn't care if he sprawls out on the kitchen counter while they make dinner which is exactly what my cats do! They rule this roost for sure and that is fine by me and my husband. Hope the fog lifts soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Sherman is our kind of kitten, that's for sure! I bet he'd love our Destructo-Bunch. I've never met him, but I love him from that video!


Sparkle said...

Sherman would be perfect here - we already have my human trained to let us go where ever we want. And I see he has YOUR family trained too - he gets rewarded for storming the fridge!

If he wasn't in Canada and us in L.A., Binga Boodie and I might have been tempted to loosen our "no additional cats" policy!

Anonymous said...

My daughter's cat Kiki is just like Sherman. She's a handful. Boy could those two cause some trouble if they got together.

Fisher and Staff said...

If I had room for one more cat I would want a Sherman. I know there is someone out there who will really appreciate his antics. Best of luck on a happy fun new family, Sherman.

Random Felines said...

Sometimes with those calls is it about doing what is best for the cat - and besides, maybe you can suggest another cat you have? We have a fridge stormer too...Sherman certainly keeps life interesting!

Caroline said...

Oh that Shermin he looks like a resident Turner cat for sure! I hope you feel better soon, don't force yourself to do stuff right now. If the potential Shermin adopter is still looking for a playful cat, i know one who needs a 1 cat only home.

hmacross said...

Sherman reminds me of my Shadow. I used to describe him as "all boy, all kitten". He also comes galloping into the kitchen whenever the fridge is opened, and sits on the table all the time. He gives us lots of laughs and is very special. I agree, Sherman does need some special cat people to adopt him.

Take care and feel better soon.

~*Connie*~ said...

do you never feed that poor boy?? pretending to be a baking pan to get fries... and storming the fridge.. geeze, give that boy a cheezburger would ya? LOL..

but seriously, it is a good call on turning down that adoption. You know full well that he'd be right back at the house in a few weeks if the people weren't ready for Sherman to be Sherman.. I once fostered a kitty who had to live in a home where the owners must have wanted a stuffed cat because that poor kitty wasn't comfortable doing ANYTHING. you should have seen how disturbed he was the first time I put him on the bed. He's much happier now, and you know that Sherman's right home will come along in time.

Nishi said...

Haha! Love the bad Sherman video!! More please!

Luckypaws said...

Love that video! I hope Sherman finds a wonderful home soon.

Anonymous said...

Beth! You need to keep him! LOL!! He fits in so well and I don't think there is a person out there who will really appreciate HIM!!!!!