Monday, December 28, 2009

A Vacation...Maybe?

I'm going to be late for my flight to Seattle. Not a good decision on my part. After the terrorist crap going on in the US, customs is a 9 hour wait. I'm just a bit too stressed.

David is sitting at the emergency vet clinic as I type this to pick up Travis and take him to our regular vet while we're gone. I'm going to worry like crazy until I know Travis is OK.

*IF* I make my flight, I'll be back after the New Year. It's hard to believe I've been writing this blog for two years now.

I've posted the following video on my Facebook page. If you make it through without crying, you're a bigger person that I am. It has a happy ending - I promise. As you might imagine, I can really relate to this, and would LOVE to make a cat-related video like this:

Happy New Year and blessings to all.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Stanley's touching story. You have been a part of so many stories yourself, like little Travis - making a big difference for 'just one cat' time after time. Safe and hopefully not to troublesome travels!