Friday, December 18, 2009

An Angel?

I think I met an angel today. I never thought when I would finally get to meet an angel she'd be driving a Honda CRV and look like an ordinary person. But her wings must've been hidden by her lavender coat. She hugged me immediately and anxiously looked toward my backseat for her "Christmas presents."

Her Christmas presents came in the form of two little senior cats named Irma & Meyer. Sandy contacted me yesterday and offered to give both of these senior cats a forever home. It sounded too good to be true. Sometimes people get caught up in the moment and never actually follow through.

But not Sandy.

When I picked up Irma and Meyer today, their cages had been marked for euthanasia this morning. The cages around them were now empty and being cleaned for the next homeless cats to arrive.

Meyer purr'd all the way to the meeting spot in Toronto. Despite his 20 years, he lifted his nose to smell the fresh air and seemed to enjoy listening to my corny Christmas music. I stuck my index finger through the front of Irma's carrier. She reached out delicately and put her dirty paw over my finger. Her claws came out gently to hold me in place. For a moment, I removed my finger to scratch my nose and returned it to Irma. She placed her paw over my finger again. It wasn't a coincidence.

Sandy arrived with cozy cat carriers lined with blankets. It must've looked like heaven to cats who had only seen a sheet of newspaper. She kissed Irma first and Meyer second. She introduced herself to her new family members and gave ME a donation for future rescues.

But I still couldn't see her wings.

I could hardly wait to call her a few hours later to see how Irma and Meyer were doing. Both cats were exploring and strrreeeeeeeetching. They had napped in a sunny window, happily sniffed and greeted the other 4 senior cats in the house. It turns out that Irma (at approximately 14 years old) is the YOUNGEST of her cats! I could hear Sandy voice raise in delight with each cute movement of Irma and Meyer: "*There* you are, Meyer! Are you having a nice stretch?"

Her kind voice made me want to live there too.

Tonight? I'm filled with such joy and hope.


Julie said...

Oh Beth, I have tears in my eyes over this beautiful rescue. I was so sad this morning as I held sweet Humble in my arms and thought about Irma. I figured her X had already happened. Imagine my delight and surprise over this news! Thank you so much for rescuing these two beautiful senior cats who must have wondered what they possibly could have done to end their life behind bars. Now this is a Merry Christmas story! Their Mom sounds fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Sandy will have a special place in heaven :) Deeds like those do not go unnoticed.

Alasandra said...

Oh what a wonderful angel. So glad the senior cats found her. ~S,S & F

A Cat's Tale said...

Oh how heartwarming! I had tears in my eyes too.

But I keep thinking of the ones left behind. Especially the declawed ones that didn't get rescued the other day. I am hoping, oh so hoping that since four cats did get rescued that will leave more time for the other declawed cats, and all the other cats at the shelter.

I know how heartbreaking and hard this can be. I remember one day when I went to rescue two cats and ended up bringing home 13. It wasn't until the ride home that I was thinking of how I was going to house them all. It worked out, I have a big house and lots of room. But adoptions have been slow, my house is full, and I can't even go to the shelter because if I look...... I'll bring more home.

Bless you Beth for all you do. You are making a hude difference.

NoviceLife said...

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful - A Christmas Miracle. The world needs more Sandy's!

House of the Discarded said...

A Cat's Tale: The declawed guys are still at the shelter and made it through the "vet day" today. I haven't given up on them yet!


Beki said...

OH Goodness. I haven;t been able to get Irma and Meyer out of my mind for the last two days. I really need to talk to my family about this so the next time this short window shows up I know I have permission to jump on it.

Thank you Sandy for rescuing the seniors. Much love to you and your family this holiday and all year.

And Beth. God Bless you.


Fred said...

Wonderful! Thanks for cheering up my Sunday morning.