Monday, December 07, 2009

"The Low"

I don't think I've ever had so many emotional high and lows in one day.

"The Low"

"Talon" was rescued a few days ago. I had put out a plea for her and Dori and her wonderful husband came forward and rescued this little girl despite the fact that they already had two foster cats in their care.

It was very clear to Dori that "Talon" (Whom they renamed "Chloe") wasn't well. This beautiful white cat had been at the shelter for almost a month. She lived through many "Euthanasia Days", and a nasty upper respiratory infection. How could she be sick? She was eating well and looked great the day she was rescued.

"Chloe" was failing and she was failing fast. The foster family took her to the vets where she was diagnosed with late kidney failure. Chloe was dying. I think Chloe's instincts kicked in and she looked well while at the shelter. As soon as she was safe - she let herself go.

Chloe had an appointment at our vet to be lovingly euthanized this evening. But she couldn't hold on....Dori kept her warm and loved her until her last moments. She died at their home this afternoon.

At least she died with someone who loved her. I'm sure she found the Rainbow Bridge and was in good company.

Many thank you's and hugs to Dori and her husband for taking in this beautiful girl. You're heroes in my book.

(Tomorrow...."The Highs")


kb said...

aww poor Chloe. Cats can be so stoic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's terrible! She was so beautiful.

As I type this, Jilly is asleep on my chest. I lost Jersey and I cringe to think how close I came to losing Jilly too. I'll cuddle them all a little closer tonight and send my thoughts out to Chloe.

I am so, so sorry.

Kate said...

Poor Talon,

because of you she was able to live her last days in a loving home with people who care about her rather than alone in a cold metal cage.

a girL in a coma said...

I am so sorry to learn of the fate of Talon/Chloe. She was such a beautiful kitty. I guess she just wanted to look well enough to be loved, and cared for, despite her health. Animals are so loving and smart. Anyone who disagrees must not have a pet. I'm sorry. Rest In Peace, Sweet Kitty.

A Cat's Tale said...

I foster and rescue. I've had a handful of cats/kittens wait until they moved into my house before they "fell apart". I've mentioned to my vet that I should just have my check direct deposited into his office account. I never thought about it being that they feel safe to not seem well. I thought it was more that they knew I'd take care of them, help them.

Sorry to hear about Chloe. She looks like an angel.

Julie said...

Aww, Dori, I'm so sorry to hear about Chloe, that must be heart breaking to have to deal with. You and your husband are awesome for rescuing her and she died surrounded by love, much better than scared in a metal cage. Beth, I know you are feeling badly too. Hugs to you all. Chloe will have no more pain now.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Chloe...she came close to coming to our house but I guess they knew my heart couldn't take losing her!! She's in kitty heaven now and thanks to you she knew she was loved before she went!!

RHz said...