Wednesday, December 09, 2009

From the Inbox

I'm thoroughly enjoying the crummy weather today so that I could accomplish some things indoors for a change. I've got laundry going, my dishwasher is empty, my emails are up to date, and if I had a Tim Horton's large double-milk in my hand, it would be just about perfect.

I've been going through the Inbox and have some things to share:

Desiree was rescued yesterday:

...and I received the following email from her foster Mom today(edited):

" ..just wanted to update you on Desiree. She’s a really special little girl. She’s warm, super affectionate, calm, easy going, and so cute! You’ve picked a great cat for my first ever foster! Thank you SOOOO much! She doesn’t seem to be a diva at all from what I can tell last night. So far, she seems extremely loving. I absolutely adore her and she’s making a great impression on my husband too...As soon as I climbed into bed and shut off the lights, she meowed twice and climbed on top of my chest and just slept there."

It must feel so good to be touched and loved again. :)

"Layton"...(who is now known is "Lars") was also rescued yesterday. Lars BEFORE...

...and Lars AFTER:
I think "Lars" is the perfect name for this handsome, blonde, Scandinavian prince! :)

I'm hoping you might remember Gordon. He was a big homely orange & white guy:

Gordon BEFORE:
Gordon AFTER!!! Look behind Gordon, and you can see their 3 year old son "Fraser" in the background. Their email to me made me cry:

"Animals have a funny way of choosing their owner and Gordon has decided that
he is Fraser's cat, needless to say my three and a half year old is
thrilled. There is a race into the bedroom for story time and Gordon stays
with Fraser until he falls asleep. At the end of the evening when we head
to bed he goes back to bed with Fraser or sits and guards his door. When
tears are shed Gordon comes flying out to see what's wrong and won't leave
his side until everything is okay...."

Isn't that precious? He's protecting their son. God bless them both.

These sweet little ones were SO close to being euthanized....they were "Urgent".
Their after picture is pretty cute. Most cats stop grooming while they're at the shelter. Would you want to wash your hair or wear make up if you lived in jail? Cats don't want to groom either. So these guys were pretty stinky! :)

Tomorrow, I'm going to post some special needs cats that really need help badly - just like the ones above. Maybe somebody can see it in their heart to change the life of one of them.


Kitty Central said...

Lars looks like a totally different kitty in his after picture. It's amazing how cats come back to life once you get them into a loving home.

Anonymous said...

Oh Beth all your rescues are special but wow I LOVED Gordon's story. It made me so happy that he has found his place with that family and a purpose again. Fraser is a lucky little boy to have such a special cat in his life :-)

Laura HP said...

Oh, the kitten photo is SO cute.
I remember Gordon, that is the sweetest thing about his new home. Obviously he appreciates being saved :)

Ecochica said...

Ugh Gordon story made me cry too! How precious!

hometomany said...

AHH!! Lars has one of the best Before and Afters I have seen in awhile. He looked so, sad and hopeless before!! Gordon's story is so wonderful can't get any better to the ones that get rescued! Keep up the great work Beth.
Also, are the cats still trying to get outside in the snow? I have two ferals that go out to the cat den no matter what the weather, one was sitting out there this morning covered in snow watching the squirrels and birds at the feeders!

House of the Discarded said...

HomeToMany: It's so weird you asked about the snow and the cat den! My Thomas was out in the cat den last night with the snow coming down. He was chasing snowflakes! His tail was all poofed out and he was having a ball!

CatCarrier said...

It can't get any better than this. Gordon's destiny has changed for the better & his true purpose in life has been fulfilled as a permanent part of his new family. So inspiring to us little humans, always searching for our purpose & analyzing it every step along the way. I'm so happy about Desiree & Lars & the kittens too: they all get a second chance to shine & knowing this, for me, is a true Christmas present.