Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Without Travis

Christmas at my house is never without some kind of excitement. It used to be the event of Christmas itself provided enough excitement for 3 young children to last a week. I had hoped that this Christmas with adult children and a new home would prove to be blissfully boring.

But it wasn't meant to be...

Christmas Eve started out OK! The turkey was in the oven, presents were wrapped and table was set:

I was proud of myself. Buying the covered butterdish was the best $10.00 I've ever spent.

Since everything was in order, I went upstairs to put the drops in Travis' eyes. Blood was pouring out of his right eye. He screamed in pain when I picked him up. I tried to pry his eye open, but only saw something that resembled raw hamburger. I knew Travis' eye had ruptured.

My Christmas guests were due to arrive in 1 hour. I had 4 separate dishes on the stove cooking. As fear turned into hysteria, my younger son rose to the occasion - he drove Travis to the Emergency Vet for me. I wrote out everything for the vet - medications, vet visits, testing etc.

But the bottom line was: Travis lost his eye and was in great pain. They put him on "opiates" for pain, fluids, antibiotics, etc and we prayed he wouldn't lose his other eye too. There's lots of swelling in his remaining eye, but the vets are working around the clock to save it.

When the phone rang this evening and I saw on Caller ID that it was the emergency clinic, my heart stopped. The vet that's treating him is a darling young woman. She hesitantly started asking me questions... "Um...sooo... Travis is a foster cat? ... I love him....but I already have 5 cats....How does one adopt Travis? He's the sweetest little man! "

I wonder if this nightmare will end with an adoption for Travis by his emergency vet?

I missed my little guy this morning. He would've loved the mounds of Christmas paper, bows, and empty boxes. It would've been like having a child in the house again. For now? I'll save his "Santa Paws" gift for when he's feeling better.


Steve Bartlett said...

Poor little guy -- I hope he pulls through ok.

Anonymous said...

hope travis pulls thru. He seems to be an incredibly strong little kitty. Keep us updated.

Chaotix said...

Everything happens for a reason.. I'm hoping he gets adopted.. that'll be the perfect present for the year. Somehow I dont think having only one eye will slow him down.

Happy New Year everyone!

Bob & Myst

p.s. yes.. covered butter dishes (covered dishes period) are a good thing around cats. Myst taught me that.

Caroline said...

Best wishes to Travis on a speedy recovery. Kuddos to your son for stepping up to the plate, and kuddos to you Beth for all the work you do!

Anonymous said...

God Bless little Travis. And all the foster cats out there. I know I gave mine an extra hug and thanked God for my foster cats health.

Anonymous said...

Would that NOT be the PERFECT potential adopter ??? Maybe Travis was meant to be at the vet's the other night, his future mom was waiting for him :) now all that has to happen is Travis gets better, you of course get close to the vet, because now you have a bond with Travis and all. and then she helps with some of the rescue cats, at a low or no cost of course ;)

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: We can dream, can't we? :)

Anonymous said...

Any updates on the little man? How's he doing? I think I think of him at least every 2 minutes!