Sunday, December 06, 2009


The first few days with a new foster cat are always a little difficult. Although I'm always glad for the rescue, there are always a couple of days where I wonder why on earth I put myself through the trouble. Then I get over it, and I'm fine.

This wasn't really the case with little Travis. He came in, made friends with everybody and has made himself at home.

Travis went from being a sad little guy laying in his own filth in a

Being a typical happy, rowdy kitten! Of course, I love him already.

Travis loves sitting with David while he's on the computer. He's a total "people cat". Whomever adopts him will be very fortunate...

For now? We're the fortunate ones to have him in our lives. What joy!


Anonymous said...

LOVE that solid black tail :)

Anonymous said...

Beanie is breaking my heart! So much so that I have put a post on Craigslist for him.. I sure hope someone can help.

-Beth, mother of Hamilton orange-boy Vince.

Lisa said...

I could just gobble him up...he's adorable! He'll find a home in no time!

Anonymous said...

What is Irma and Myer's story on Kim's site ? They both look so sad and so neglected:(

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Believe it or not, Irma and Myer did not come into the shelter together. I spent time with both of them today.

Both cats are OLD. They are both ridiculously sweet and purr the moment that you pick them up. Myer is a typical "boney old guy".

I would love to help them, but I'm afraid they don't stand much of a chance - tomorrow is a euthanasia day. If you want to help them, please send me an email right away: . If you know me in real life -please call me! :)