Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Brief Update on Irma and Meyer

I've spoken with Sandy twice and received several emails since Irma and Meyer were adopted. For the most part her emails have been sad as she's tried to muddle through triage with these poor little souls. The last paragraph of a recent email from Sandy pretty much sums it up:

" Beth, I can't remember the last time I've cried so much after bringing these little ones home. It's deplorable that these sweet innocent beings have gotten to be in the state they're in, through no fault of their own. I will never understand people and their lack of concern over animals. For both Irma and Meyer it's now just a waiting game, one I hope they will try to win knowing that now they have a home and someone who loves them and cares what happens to them. Keep your fingers crossed and don't forget to include Irma and especially Meyer in your prayers tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow how they're doing.Sandy"



Ecochica said...

Are they sick or not doing too well??

House of the Discarded said...

Ecochica: They're sick :(

A Cat's Tale said...

URI? Seems to me you mentioned that was going around in that shelter. Lysine helps. I use the Lysine that comes in a capsule. I just open it up and put the powder in the food. Are they on antibotics? Does Sandy need anything, maybe we can help?

House of the Discarded said...

Becky: Good ideas! I've got my own foster kitten with URI on Lysine.

Sandy is amazing. She has a degree in animal science and has Meyer on IV....they have FULL veterinary care. It was the ONLY reason I would let somebody take cats like these two is if they could handle it.
I think Irma and Meyer are extremely weak from what they've been through. If anybody can bring them to health, it'll be Sandy.

She reads my blog and I think all of the love and care y'all show her here will keep her going. :)

HomeToMany said...

I love Sandy!!! She is an amazing lady to accept these beauties into her life and to be willing to deal with everything that comes along with it. Wow, I am just so happy that Meyer and Irma have found such a loving home when they needed it the most. I wish there were more Sandy's in the world. As every night I will pray for the animals that suffer all over the world in horrible conditions, in slaughter houses, in shelters, at the end of leashes, in cages, those looking for food and shelter from the heat and cold and from the hand of horrible people. But tonight I will definitely take extra time to pray for the health of Meyer and Irma....and for of course more Sandy's in the world. Sandy and Beth keep up the amazing work...we all know that you have halo's above your heads.

Chaotix said...

Sending some texas sized prayers and love.

Bob and Myst

Anonymous said...

What is Lysine and where do you get it?

A Cat's Tale said...

What an amazing mom! The perfect home for Irma and Meyer!

Lysine is a dietary supplement that fights off viruses.

Colloidal Silver might be good to try too.